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By May 13, 2011Americas/U.S., Contests

Every photographer understands the importance of light as it relates to their photography, but how many have actually mastered using it? For myself, it’s a constant learning process, and I find myself thinking if only I had a proper lighting set up, I could get that specific look I’m going for. If you’ve ever found yourself needing more lighting equipment, than I’ve got some exciting news for you.

We have teamed up with Photoflex to give away a great lighting rig, the Extra Small LiteDome Location kit. Some of the SWEET features include the new Photoflex® StarFire Wireless Flash and FlashFire Wireless Trigger/Receiver and the hugely popular Photoflex® LiteReach. The full Lowepro giveaway kit includes:

• Extra Small LiteDome
• Basic Connector
• FlashFire Wireless Trigger/Receiver
• StarFire ShoeMount Digital Flash
• LiteReach Kit (which includes Adjustable ShoeMount Hardware and ShoeMount Multiclamp)
• Small LiteStand

Value- $405.00

This is a great setup that will give you some awesome versatility while on the go with your Lowepro bag.

To enter, simply reply to our blog post with a comment on what you would do with this equipment.

Winners will be announced on our Facebook page, so if you are not yet a fan, make sure to “Like” us.  Also, our friends at Photoflex are giving away a Lowepro Pro Roller x100 on their site, so make sure you check them out on Facebook as well. Contest is void where prohibited, and valid for those within the Continental U.S.

Best of luck to you!  – Frank


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  • Jeff Whitford says:

    This could open another world in my photography

  • Tom Atlas says:

    Sweet Offer! Cant wait to take some pics with it!

  • I really appreciate with this post.Its very good and informative post. Thanks for sharing

  • Todd Skaggs says:

    This kit would propel me further on my quest in portrait photography and be a HUGE help when doing the HelpPortrait Project this year (

  • Christine Ann Hungler says:

    I am just learning about lighting. I have started to master the speedlight. It is amazing what off camera lighting can do to a photograph. This would be a great tool to take my photography to the next level.

  • josh evans says:

    I’ve been dabbling in a lot of off camera lighting and this set up would help give me the edge that I need to do more with my technique/techniques.

  • Rod Jimenez says:

    I would use this lighting gear to capture bats in flight on warm summer nights.

  • Jason says:

    I would continue on my quest to become a better photographer. How do you think these lights work with 4×5?

  • Trey Haverlock says:

    If I win the Free Lighting Gear i would give it to my 16 year old daughter to use in her blossoming photography quest.

  • Olga L says:

    I`ll travel at many beautiful places in Russia, Armenia, Sybiria. I have vision to shoot fashion editorial on some beautiful mountain, lot`s of green grass, blue sky, models wear traditional armenian/georgian outfits( autentic) mix with modern pieces,colorful and little baby goat or baby sheep at the hands or around. Very Eco and very Fashion. I can`t wait to shoot this and share images!

  • Jonathan Yip says:

    I would do some on location shooting for my friend’s new baby. [Just for fun]
    I have 2 speedlites already, I am in the market for some portable soft boxes and light stands. but I don’t know which are good as there are too many in the market

  • Nithin says:

    Congrats to Melissa.

    So no luck this time also x-(

  • Los Alexandr says:

    I have read again all of lessons on portraits outdoors by Photoflex Lighting School but I don’t have equipment to start shooting. It would by great to get this setup and start taking such amazing pictures outdoors like lessons provide…. I looking forward to this moment.

  • Martin says:

    I’d use it for both, inside and outside portraits.
    Looks like a perfect tool, solid tripod at least on the pic, not sure how it performs in the field..

  • Thorsten Schneider says:

    I’d take it to make some awesome pictures of my kids. 🙂


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