Free Bag Friday – Photo Sport 200 AW

By November 11, 2011Contests

In honor of the recent 2011 Pop Award for “Best for Hiker,” we’re going to give away one Photo Sport 200 AW as part of this week’s Free Bag Friday contest. Pop Photo commented about the bag, “We call this a solid hiking pack because it’s almost literally true: A rigid plastic back panel acts something like a hiking frame.”

If you want to a chance to win this stylish backpack, simply add a comment to this post stating why it appeals to you. The contest is open until 12:01 am PST on Monday, Nov. 14, 2011. Later that day, we’ll post the winner on our Lowepro Facebook Fan Page.

Help us celebrate this wonderful honor from Popular Photography. And by doing so, you just might win yourself a new backpack.

Derrick Story is the Photography Evangelist for Lowepro. Photo compliments of Popular Photography.


About Derrick

Derrick Story is a professional photographer, writer, teacher and photography evangelist for Lowepro. He has authored several digital media books, including his latest, The Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers and The Digital Photography Companion (O'Reilly Media, publisher). Derrick is a Senior Contributor for Macworld magazine where he writes a digital photography column, and he's a regular presenter on the popular training site, Online, Derrick has formed a virtual camera club called The Digital Story ( that's open to all photography enthusiasts. The site features weekly podcasts, daily posts, training videos, and reader-submitted photos. You can reach Derrick at


  • Jonathan Vasquez says:

    I am into mountain biking so I really love a backpack w/all the features/functions I can get like gadget compartment, hydration compartment, water resistance, comfortability suspension on my back, lightweight, etc. you name it. I have used different brands like Camelbak, Deuter, Jansport, etc. but none of them offers camera compartment. Sooner I’ll be taking my DSLR outdoor so I thought of a backpack that would really protect my gadgets until I saw Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW. I have checked out the reviews, watch the videos, & I love it. Now I am ready to have this backpack for my next outdoor biking.;-)

  • i’ve always been a tamrac owner, but these new lowe pro bags might make me switch brands. kudos!

  • Matt Trappe says:

    I am working to turn pro and still don’t have a great bag! I spend a lot of time outdoors backpacking among other things and I either have my camera around my neck or just stuffed in my backpack with other gear. It is always difficult for me to dig out a different lens or fit all of the gear I want to take. This bag is a must have for me to take my hobby to the next level!

  • I haven’t this backpack, but with me own experience with Lowepro bags it cannot be missed not only for sports (not my field), but for situations where weight and usefulness count. I think in long travels and weights issues with low-cost air companies.

  • Roy Gelvezon says:

    The Photo Sport 200 AW has just ended my search for a comfortable but rugged DSLR bag. It’s like the Flipside 300 (my current bag) with an easy access side pocket. Now, I won’t have to miss out on those photo opportunities because I can take the camera out of the bag in just a few seconds without taking the whole thing off. Thanks Lowepro!

  • shaun johnson says:

    You can hop skip and jump with a new Lowepro Photo Sport 200AW

  • Lawrence says:

    I love the Lowepro Photosport 200 AW. I use it everyday for my work backup.

    If you don’t believe how great this bag is check out this review:

  • Vivianti Santosa says:

    Amazing picture. From far it looks like someone is climbing the bag with a backpack on his bag.
    I would love to have this backpack to put my D90 on my hike trips.

  • Harvey Elmore says:

    I love this bag, I have an old Lowepro that has performed great, just ready to a improved hiking version like the 200 AW.

  • William B Johnston says:

    Looks like it would work well for long hikes

  • Ross Ritchie says:

    Well for starters judging by just looking at the picture of it I know it’s 100x better than the combination of bags and pouches I’m bundled with daily. If I had the coin for a sack that holds them all, well I would..

  • Matthew Ramsey says:

    I could use this bag to help me carry all my gear. Some of that stuff can get clumsy but this bag would help me keep it all straight.

  • kowalskip says:

    I would like to use this backpack. With two children it is difficult to go for a walk without taking anything extra, I think with this I could safely take backpacking rucksack still not taking extra bag. and so it’s great for avid photographers and their parents simultaneously. Best design and vibrant colors (orange).

  • Wut says:

    This is my dream camera bag. I use D700 and I love biking. That why PhotoSport 200 AW suite for my style.

    Anyway, pls urge your reseller in Thailand, import this bag ASAP.

  • Jamson says:

    I’m admittedly a camera bag junkie. I own 3 other lowepro bags and they the designers at lowepro continue to get better with each release. The photo sport 200 AW is a combination of form and function. The unique cinch system allows the camera to be held snug against your body when actively moving and still allows for easy side access, which I love. The side access is a must for me. The storage capacity allows you to bring the gear you need and the size doesn’t allow for over stuffing to make the pack way too heavy. Sincerely, a lifelong lowepro fan!


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