Getting Organized for the New Year with the Right Bags

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One thing that I constantly struggle with is how to store my photography gear and stay organized at the same time. Like many photographers, I find that space is always at a premium in the office.

A tip that I’ve found helpful is to organize my gear in a  rolling case or a stackable shoulder bag. This is an efficient way to manage my gear. I don’t give up too much space, yet I know where every item is.

For large amounts of gear, I use a combination of the Pro Roller x200, Pro Roller x100 and the Magnum 400 AW.  Not only do these bags store everything I need–from camera bodies to multiple lenses–they also help me keep my memory card wallets, hard drives, cables, chargers, light, modifiers, and other necessary items organized effectively.

© Derrick Story

Then I have my “field bags” – the ones I take out for the day. I just grab whatever I need for the day(s) I’m going out shooting, and pack accordingly. My current favorite is the Pro Messenger 200 AW.

For longer assignments, I can also quickly take my Pro Roller x200, already packed and ready to go, and head straight to the airport.

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  1. Steph Browne says:

    Any suggestions for a National Geographic trip to Morocco – I’ll be taking 2 DSLR bodies and perhaps 3 lenses, MacBookAir, and the usual stuff.

    • Suzanne says:

      Assuming the camera bodies aren’t carrying optional vertical/battery grips, I’d suggest looking at our Vertex 100 AW, Pro Runner 350 AW or Pro Roller Lite 250 AW.

  2. I store my gear in a Pelican case. When I go out on a shoot, I fill a Flipside 400AW, Stealth reporter D400 or a Street&field setup with the gear I need. I love my Lowepro bags!

  3. Jose Luis says:

    I love when i have the chance to keep all my equipment safe and organized.

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