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Filed in Events by on February 19, 2012

We’re thrilled to be exhibiting at WPPI, held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas (Booth #124). But we realize that many of you can’t make it to the show. So we’ve planned a little something extra this week for everyone who follows our show coverage.

Conference Center, MGM Grand Las Vegas
WPPI attendees leaving the Conference Center after class. Photo by Derrick Story.

Each day during the show (Mon. – Wed.), we’ll give away one Lowepro bag. To throw your hat in the ring, all you have to do is comment on a daily blog post about the event (starting with this one), or comment on a post about WPPI on the Lowepro Facebook Page. You can do both if you’re so inclined.

We’ll announce all three winners (and the bag each won) at the end of the week. As always, this is void where prohibited. Stay tuned over the next 3 days as we report on the people and events at WPPI. And maybe you’ll have a little Las Vegas luck… no matter where you are.

Derrick Story is the Photography Evangelist for Lowepro.


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Derrick Story is a professional photographer, writer, teacher and photography evangelist for Lowepro. He has authored several digital media books, including his latest, The Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers and The Digital Photography Companion (O'Reilly Media, publisher). Derrick is a Senior Contributor for Macworld magazine where he writes a digital photography column, and he's a regular presenter on the popular training site, Lynda.com. Online, Derrick has formed a virtual camera club called The Digital Story (www.thedigitalstory.com) that's open to all photography enthusiasts. The site features weekly podcasts, daily posts, training videos, and reader-submitted photos. You can reach Derrick at DStory@lowepro.com

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  1. Mark says:

    I’m an 18 year old college student and have been using Lowepro for 6 years now. Gotta love them and can’t wait to start traveling internationally with my bags and camera equipment!

  2. Dana Scott says:

    So how is the show going?

  3. With the forecast for rain today, I would much rather be in Vegas. However, a new LowePro bag that was waterproof would make my time here in the chilly north that much better! Have fun at the show.

  4. Noah says:

    Wish I was there :) I’ve got a Lowepro that’s over 5
    years old that I’ve customized….it’s the only
    bag I carry and it’s going strong.

  5. Zach Roberts says:

    Woot! Lowepro is some awesomeness.

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