Rover Pro 45L AW visits Joshua Tree with Kaard Bombe & Friends

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© Kaard Bombe

We like to follow the work, studies, projects and Tent Talk adventures of Kaard Bombe. He’s a videographer, editor, photographer, traveler, camper and entrepreneur from Arizona – you should see his schedule, these descriptions are no exaggeration.

His latest camping trip took place a few weeks ago in the very surreal and photo-friendly Joshua Tree National Park. Kaard and a few friends used the Rover Pro 45L AW to gear up with “food, a ton of water, toilet paper, and our entire arsenal of lenses…”

© Kaard Bombe

He shares this vlog of their time around the Jumbo Rocks area, along with a few stills.


Enjoy and be sure to check out Kaard’s web site and Vimeo page for more inspiration.

© Kaard Bombe

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