Art connects cultures across oceans and decades in Michele Westmorland’s Kickstarter campaign

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Photographer Michele Westmorland has a passion for the culture of Melanesia – a region of the Pacific Ocean that includes the countries of the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.


Her photographic adventures and assignments inspired Michele to take a deep dive into the customs, history and art of this part of the world. And eight years ago, it inspired her to lead her own expedition and plant the seeds for a documentary film, exhibition and book: Headhunt Revisited.

Headhunt Revisited Project

Watch the project’s Kickstarter video:

We are thrilled to be a small part of the creative team’s efforts. Our bags – including the DryZone 200 backpack, part of our waterproof series – were used on the expedition eight years ago and Michele uses Lowepro for her gear today.

Mytinger Project, LLC14128 - 11th Drive SEMill Creek, WA  98012

If you have a passion for preserving culture, think about making a pledge to the Kickstarter campaign.

Heera or Ahuia in Dance Regalia

To read about Michele’s other adventures and learn about upcoming photo trips guided by her, check out her web site.


Katrina Neill

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Katrina was the Senior Editor & Communications Manager for Lowepro.


  • If there is one thing Lowepro does, Rodrigo, is take care of their people and stand by their products. I have ALWAYS received nothing but courteous and prompt service.

  • Well My DryZone malfunctioned after 2 years living in the Amazon. moisture and heat accelerated the decomposition of glue.

    • Katrina says:

      Hello Rodrigo,
      We are sorry to hear this. If you write a note to our product specialist Maury and explain the circumstances, perhaps he can help you out.

    • I had the back padding of my Photo Trekker AW disintegrate in the rainforest during a 6-month research trip – made it painful to carry all my gear, but Lowepro replaced the bag when I returned to Cape Town – excellent service!


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