Inside Lowepro U.S.

Hello Lowepro fans! My name is Frank and I’m the U.S. Marketing Manager here at Lowepro. I’m super excited about this blog (yes, we know this should have been done a long time ago) and look forward to giving you inside access to everything that’s going on here in the U.S..

Some of you may be followers on our Facebook and Twitter pages or new fans altogether. Regardless of how long you’ve been following us, there is a ton happening inside Lowepro. Bookmark this page and visit often, because if it’s breaking Lowepro news, it will be here first.

A little bit about myself, I love photography. I dabbled a bit in photography here or there in the past, but once I joined Lowepro I jumped in head first. I can’t get enough of it and look forward to our monthly employee photography classes (taught by our very own Derrick Story). Derrick converted me to a Canon fan and you can’t tear the T2i out of my hands. My wife and I have a toddler at home so snapping shots of the family is a must. Here is one of my favorite shots….

I’ll be bringing you insight into all our exciting activities happening here in the U.S., our shows, our great dealers, sales events, partners workshops, sponsorships and more.

We are listening. The people at Lowepro that can make things happen are watching this space too, so feel free to speak up!



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