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Product Testing in the Lake District

Good Morning All, my name is Tim Sadler and I look after Lowepro in the UK and will be popping up on here to bring you the latest news from our small Island. My role here is one of those great jobs for any nerdy photographer ( which I am often labelled ), I get to play with lots of new kit, work closely with our world famous team of Loweprofessionals and get to talk about Lowepro and photography with our retailers and media partners on a daily basis.

I certainly wouldn’t consider myself to be a ‘Pro’ but I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember. My passion is Action and Outdoor Sports ( both as a participant and as a photographer ), and I have been lucky enough to have my pictures published around the world in everything from National Newspapers to Japanese Kayaking Magazines.

Involving the family in a shoot
I like to keep my shots simple with natural light and very little ( if any ) cropping and processing. If truth be told I still miss my old Nikon FM and the bags of film I used to get through just to get one shot for a magazine. However, my retro cravings are currently fulfilled with an original Russian made Lomo LC-A+, which with a bit of luck grabs some superb atmospheric shots.

We are very lucky in the UK to have a great selection of retailers around the country, so you are never far from some excellent advice ( and top quality Lowepro kit! ). We are also very actively out there at events whether they be big or small making sure that we are in touch with as many of you as possible. Along with this blog and the main Lowepro site if you are in the UK you can follow us on our own Twitter page here.There you can get a little bit more of a insight into our daily goings on, as well as some impromptu photo competitions to win huge prizes like Lowepro Mugs!

So subscribe to the feed and keep an eye out for some UK content on a regular basis.



Tim Sadler

About Tim Sadler

Tim Sadler is the UK face of Lowepro, looking after what has become the industry standard in the marketplace. You can follow the UK Team on their Twitter feed @LoweproUK

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  • Dario says:

    I will be soon in London. Unfortunately the research on the Lowepro site of a shop does not work. Can you advise me where to buy in London Nature Trekker AW II backpack?

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