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By October 25, 2010Contests, Environment, Projects

The results are in — and we were absolutely blown away by the entries we received in our My Favorite Things photo contest.

There were over 4,000 image submissions, from every continent and over 80 different countries. It’s obvious the passion for photography is alive and well all over the world. And the subject matter was equally inspiring — everything from insects to carnivores, deserts to oceans, mother nature to newborn babes.

© Buchachon Petthanya 2010

One of our judges mentioned he ran the gamut of emotions while he was reviewing the entries, saying it was “fun, moving and humbling all at the same time.  I found myself experiencing  joy at the amazing beauty of our world along with a sense of dread and urgency that we need to protect it.” You can imagine how tough it was for the entire panel of judges to finally pick just ten winners!

We’ve posted a gallery of the winning images on our web site — so please check it out — but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at the top three. Our grand prize is going to Buchachon Petthanya of Thailand. His image of migrating butterflies is really stunning — true artistry! 

©Yilmaz Dincer 2010

We’re looking forward to taking him to Churchill to photograph the polar bears next month — and can’t wait to see how he does with our favorite, furry critters!

The First Runner Up is Yilmaz Dincer, a photographer from Turkey. His image of brown bears is truly amazing. Can you image being this close to the action — and still having the concentration needed to achieve this kind of composition and quality?

© Toa Zhang 2010

And then there’s Tao Zhang from China, our Second Runner Up. We’ve seen a lot of pictures of the cormorant fishermen — some of them from the top photographers in the world. But Zhang’s version offers a little different perspective. The play of light on the fisherman’s face and the rapt attention of the bird — it really tells a story.

Make sure you take a look at our gallery with all the winning images — and then start building your portfolios for our next photo contest!


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  • Ferry Dwijaya says:

    Congratulation for all the winner specially to “nemo” from Indonesia….salute!!!

  • Ben says:

    A well deserved first for Buchachon, really impressive shot. Love the old man and his bird friend too, very peaceful.

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