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I got this from Pete Hill, our VP of Design. It’s a great story about the Versapack 200 AW. My hat’s off to Luis — not sure I could make it for 2 full weeks in just this backpack, but then I’ve always been challenged by travelling light!

As a Lowepro Designer, Luis is always willing to walk the talk with products. When he designed the VersaPack he had in mind a product that would travel well under a wide range of demands. 

For a two-week trip that included a visit to Photokina in Cologne, Germany, market visits in Milan, Italy and a fast weekend in the mountains, Luis packed the Versapack – as in just the Versapack. He carried a 13” Macbook Pro, a Canon G-10 with charger, a small Wacom tablet plus business and outdoor clothing for 2 weeks. His concession came when he had to tie his climbing helmet and harness on the outside of the bag.


While it may seem extreme to pull off a two-week trip in a small daypack, I think it speaks to the challenges everyone faces when they travel internationally with cameras. How do you pack all the equipment you need into the shrinking requirements of international carry-on regulations.  Scrutinizing every piece of equipment and every article of clothing and being a creative problem solver in the field can make it work.

So, how do you pack your Versapack? We’d love to know…..

Sam Marsh is the PR and Photographer Relations Manager for Lowepro’s Worldwide Marketing team.


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