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Here at Lowepro, our primary mission is to protect your camera and other delicate equipment. We want you to be able to forget about your gear and concentrate on getting the shot. So all of the materials we use for the exterior of our bags are water-resistant. Even so, we know that there will be times when you’re going to need some additional protection. Here’s a brief overview of the options we offer — and what you can expect from each.

Water-resistant materials

Water-resistant fabrics are designed to protect during normal use and under normal conditions. They also guard against unexpected spills and splashes. We use these fabrics on every bag we make. But we recognize that these materials won’t stand up to all conditions. That’s why we designed our All Weather AW Covers™.

Vertex 200 AW with All Weather Cover

The All Weather Cover acts like a raincoat to protect against rain and snow as well as giving protection from dust and sand — all things that don’t mix well with camera gear. The AWC is also a useful anti-theft feature.

These covers are built into over 70 of our products. With heat-sealed seams, they offer a higher level of protection when the weather turns bad. But it’s important to understand these are not waterproof. Just like a fabric raincoat, with prolonged exposure or in really heavy downpours, moisture will eventually seep through. They will, however, give you the added protection you need until you can get in out of the rain.

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When 100% waterproof protection is called for, what you really need is one of our DryZone™ bags. These offer maximum protection. Even fully loaded they will float (please, don’t use them as a personal flotation device, though!) and the TIZIP® zippers are 100% watertight. Lowepro invented the very first waterproof camera backpacks in 2002, and they’ve been making a big splash ever since.

So when you plan your next adventure or location shoot, take a minute to think about the weather and conditions you’ll be facing, and then choose the level of protection you need. Whatever the climate — we’ve got you covered!

Sam is the PR and Photographer Relations Manager for Lowepro’s Worldwide Marketing team.


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