Meet Stephen Dupont

Australian photographer Stephen Dupont, a long-time Lowepro Featured Photographer, has recently updated his protective carrying systems to respond to both changing equipment, and the opportunities for smaller lighter solutions.

Stephen, co-founder of Australia’s Reportage Festival in 1999, and an award-winning photojournalist in the World Press Photo Awards, has authored four books, and produced a number of collector-edition limited print volumes. He has exhibited extensively around the globe, and is already well advanced with projects for 2011. His first will be a two-month documentary assignment in Papua New Guinea. 

For this assignment the need for flexibility, freedom of movement and rugged protection for the high humidity, hot temperature work, has led him quickly to Lowepro’s new S&F Series system. Stephen will use the S&F Deluxe Technical Belt and Audio Utility bag to support the high video workload of the upcoming assignment, in combination with his Canon EOS 5 Mk II camera system. He will be coupling it to the lightweight Technical Harness, with the Utility Bag 100AW for a spare camera body, and use the SlipLock™ loop system, to attach up to four Lens Pouches, Memory and S&F Lens Exchange cases to the main Harness.

“A key advantage of this new system is its flexible sizing and adjustable harness, along with its really strong materials,” says Dupont.

“When I return to Afghanistan later in 2011, it will be its ability to work over a flak jacket, yet still allowing for rapid equipment changes.” Stephen has been documenting the evolution of the country since 1993, nearly a decade before the shocking 9/11 events of New York.

“In the many situations I’ve found myself covering military confrontations, you just can’t use a conventional shoulder bag or even a backpack. I may often have both a film and digital camera and just a few lenses with me, but it’s vital I can gain access for rapid changes, or switch from stills to video shooting, requiring different shooting styles and different gear.”

Safe travels, Stephen.

John Swainston is the Senior Vice President of DayMen’s Asia/Oceania activities and Managing Director of Maxwell International, the Lowepro subsidiary in Australia. His background includes professional photography as well as sales, marketing and import/export experience.


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