Packing Light for the Packers Games

Photojournalist Dan Powers has been a newspaper photographer since 1993 and a staff photographer for The Post Crescent in Wisconsin for the past 16 years. While he loves doing what he calls ‘community journalism’ because of the variety it offers, he’s also had the opportunity to photograph major sporting events like PGA golf, the NBA basketball finals, the U.S. Open tennis tournament, football’s championship Super Bowl games and the Beijing Summer Olympics. Being from Wisconsin, it’s a given that he’s a Green Bay Packers fan — and he’s covered most of their games since 1995.

Dan has used Lowepro gear for years. So we asked him to try out some of our newer gear and let us know what he thought. Here’s his report…

“I was excited to have an opportunity to try out the Pro Roller x300 and the S & F series. I must say they did not disappoint. I like being organized which is why I fell in love with your Pro Roller x300 rolling case.  I got it just in time to use it at Lambeau Field for a couple games, as well as the NFC Championship game pitting the Packers against the Bears. (Great game by the way.) It worked like a champ.  Not only was I able to get all of the needed camera gear packed in an organized fashion, but, it had a great padded compartment for my Mac Book Pro and an attachment for my monopod. ”

Here’s what Dan packed in his Pro Roller x300:

  1. 3 Canon DSLR camera bodies
  2. 14mm lens
  3. 16-35 zoom lens
  4. 70-200 zoom lens
  5. 400mm f/2.8 lens
  6. 1.4x converter
  7. 580EX flash
  8. Camera batteries
  9. Flash card holder
  10. Mac Book Pro with an assortment of accessories
  11. Gitzo carbon fiber monopod
  12. Travel paperwork

“The quality was top notch. As you can imagine, in Wisconsin we get a lot of sloppy weather…especially in the winter.  I found the materials used on this case very durable as it was dragged (ok…rolled) through snow, slush, water and even a little bit of mud.  The wheels were smooth and never got clogged up despite the conditions. The last feature I loved was being able to convert it from a rolling case to a backpack.  There is a great advantage to this.  Some places (stadiums and venues) make it really easy to get around so the rolling aspect is perfect.  But on occasion, I’ll find that a backpack is more handy.  The Pro Roller x300 brings you the best of both worlds in one convenient package.  Well done!

The other gear I have been using is the S & F belt system. I like keeping things light and as mobile as possible, so I found myself using the Light Utility Belt a lot. It kept things in place and was very comfortable. I am using the belt system more for daily assignments because, when I’m at a sporting event, each camera I have has a lens on it. However, for daily assignments it was great. Now, if I was only using one camera on sports assignments with a variety of lenses, I think the belt system would be a must every time!

The accessories I was drawn to were the Slim Lens Pouch 55 AW and 75 AW.  I was able to use my 16-35 with the 55AW and my 70-200 with the 75AW…with hoods attached.  Both cases kept the lenses protected and secured.  And I love the AW covers.  Quick and easy to use.  I also used the Quick Flex Pouch 55AW to hold my flash card holder, lens cleaning cloth and keys.

The belt system is really excellent.  Your SlipLock™ system works flawlessly.  I’m never worried about something coming loose. All in all I thought your products were terrific.  My colleagues were also impressed.  The gear is rugged, easy to use and just as important…functional for working photographers. What more can a photographer ask for?!  Thumbs up all around.”

Well, we couldn’t ask for any more than this great review. Thanks, Dan — and we’ll be watching for you at those Packer games!

Sam is the PR and Photographer Relations Manager for Lowepro’s Worldwide Marketing team.


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  • Darren Jacobson says:

    Great piece! It’s always very interesting see what and how others are using the Lowepro products. The S&F Belt System is my next investment. From shooting sporting events, high speed bass boats and Bass Fishing Tournaments the S&F will allow me to move fast with all my gear.
    Darren Jacobson
    Peshtigo Wi

    • smarsh says:

      Thanks, Darren. I think you’re going to like the S&F products — they were designed with quick access in mind. Let us know how it goes.

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