Maki Kawakita recently got a new Pro Roller Attaché x50. She evidently loved it because she shared this diary entry with us. Check it out!

“Wow, what a nice new gear I have, Pro Roller Attaché x50!

There was a photoshoot right after I got my Lowepro Attaché x50, so I wanted to try it out right away. I first of all I love the size! The shoot was in New York City, and moving around in the big city with equipment isn’t an easy thing to do. Attaché x50 was small enough to take it everywhere…even in subway or bus if I needed to.

 I love how one bag fit into another bag. This is a space saving for me! The smaller bag had removable separation in it, so I put my two cameras, two lenses, meter and other related equipment in it.

 The location was narrow and small, a typical problem we have in New York City. With a few assistants, model, manager and so on, equipment can get bumped and fallen. Attaché x50’ was perfect not making the already-crowded-space more crowded. So far, I have less than 24 hours of relationship with her, but I like it very much!!!”

Thanks for sharing your diary with us, Maki. And keep us posted on your upcoming projects!

Sam is the PR and Photographer Relations Manager for Lowepro’s Worldwide Marketing team.


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