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When we first met Kike Calvo at Photo Plus Expo last October, one of the things that really stood out was his boundless enthusiasm. As we’ve come to know him a bit better, we’ve noticed there are a lot of facets to him — and his photography.

Born in Spain, Kike now splits his time between his native country, New York City and Panama when not on assignment. He has an enviable client list and his work reflects a complex personality: a humanitarian and photojournalist, an adventurer and businessman/entrepreneur.

As an official photographer for the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), he spends time in Latin America documenting life and culture in many underdeveloped areas and showing the contrast between the need for better medical care and the joys of a simpler life style. On assignment for Associated Press to photograph winners of MacArthur Grants, he met Dr. Diane Meier. And after learning about her latest project, a new palliative care unit opening at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in May, he is donating a number of his prints to help create a comforting, healing environment for the patients and their families.

Kike supplies images to National Geographic Stock, ranging from artistic glimpses of the world we live in to shots of faraway people and places. His photo essay about ballerinas, including this image of a ballerina with all the pointe shoes she has used during her career, is his newest contribution.

A recent trip found him on assignment in Antarctica. In addition to taking some new stock images, he had been commissioned to capture the essence of traveling aboard the Argentine vessel Ushuaia for Antarpply Expeditions.

Surrounded by spectacular scenery and ice-filled channels, Kike captured the antics of playful penguins, floated near majestic icebergs and caught the eye of a snoozing seal. And while the Flipside 200 he had pulled out of his closet wasn’t necessarily the ideal bag for the trip (he also took along his DryZone 200 and DryZone Rover), Kike and his penguin friend both gave it a thumbs up.

Kike’s quest for adventure makes him appreciate the variety of opportunities that come his way. He is generous with his time and his work and never tires of exploring the world around him. His new online project, The Photographic Chain, uses the power of social media to see how much he can learn and share about the people who have shaped the photographic world. Check out his recent post: Five Minutes with: ART WOLFE.

The signature he uses in all his work seems appropriate for ending this blog entry — so here’s to you, Kike and ‘never stop dreaming’.

Sam is the PR and Photographer Relations Manager for Lowepro’s Worldwide Marketing team.


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