Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols New iPad App

In a world gone digital and absolutely crazy about iPads, Loweprofessional Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols has launched his very first app. One of the photographers at the forefront in utilizing this new technology, he’s gone as far as to revise his entire web site in favor of this different, maybe even better, way to experience some of his best work. “I love the way photography looks on the IPad! Recently I decided to reduce my website and put my energy into creating something for those who want to see my long career of essays presented beautifully and with my voice.”

Available for the first time today, Nick’s app provides an intimate and behind-the-scenes look at his groundbreaking work in the most remote corners of the globe. He’s compiled over twenty years of photography and never-before-told stories from locations all over the world. His app features:

  • Fifteen photo galleries and over 160 photographs (some never published before)
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes video of Nick working on assignments for National Geographic Magazine
  • Links to buy limited edition prints and autographed books

Nick’s career is legendary. As an Editor-at-Large for National Geographic and former member of  Magnum Photos, he’s been called the ‘Indiana Jones of Photography’. He’s published numerous books, received countless awards and been instrumental in the creation of 13 national parks in Africa as well as reforms in chimp conservancy. He’s also photographed 25 stories for National Geographic including Ivory Wars: Last Stand in Zakouma (March 2007) — a piece that helped raise awareness and funds to protect the embattled elephants of Chad. Featured in our 2010 Loweprofessionals Brochure, he has worked with legendary consevarion icons like Jane Goodall and J. Michael Fay.

You can read more about Nick’s work with Jane Goodall in our feature story: Unspoken Conspiracy. And don’t forget to visit iTunes to get your own copy of Nick’s new app!


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