How My SlingShot Survived a Crash

By August 9, 2011Storytellers, True Stories

Editor’s Note: Photo enthusiast Lucas Chudleigh of Prince Albert in Saskatchewan, Canada wrote us about a recent collision between his Honda motorcycle and a Ford pick-up truck. He was wearing a new SlingShot 102 AW at the time, and thankfully, recovered to share this account of a camera protected by its Lowepro bag. In his words, here’s the story.

“I recently purchased a Lowepro SlingShot 102 AW. I bought it for my Canon 60D, which roughly cost $1,500 with the lens—so you can imagine, I wanted the best protection for my investment.

I particularly chose this sling pack to use with my Honda motorcycle. Several weeks ago, I was riding with my camera and lens in the pack. I was doing about 65 kilometers per hour up a busy street. A Ford truck in front of me slammed the brakes as I sat in the middle of the road.

I reacted too slowly. After hitting the brakes, I was thrown from the bike and landed on the camera pack at about 55 kilometers per hour. After landing on the camera bag, I slid about 40 feet on top of the pack until I collided with the truck. So all in all, my camera and the Lowepro bag I carried it in received a substantial beating.

I was rushed to the hospital and my injuries included a fractured hip, shock trauma to my spine and a massive concussion. The following week, I was able to leave the hospital and among the first things I did was check on the state of my camera.

The camera was in 100% perfect condition with not one scratch on it. The lens also was in perfect condition. The pack had three small tears and a broken zipper. I was lucky to survive this accident and I’m absolutely blown away by how well this pack has stood up. I thought maybe this letter also would stand up as a good testimonial to your exceptional bags.”


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  • David D says:

    Glad Mr. Chudleigh has recovered. Not the type of product testing that is usually conducted nor recommended, but what a testimonial!

    Again, glad everyone involved is healthy.

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  • Jerry Jurado says:

    Got the same sling bag… And also doing some motorcycle rides… Hopefully won’t experience the same thing about the accident and glad to know that my bag can protect my camera… Just happy to know that I got a good buy with this one…

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