Robert Beck in the House

Editor’s note: The Lowepro team is fortunate to have Sports Illustrated photographer Robert Beck visiting us today while he’s in the San Francisco area on assignment. He sat down with our design colleague Luis to talk about a few of his go-to Lowepro bags (like the Pro Runner 450 AW) and help us shape some design ideas for the future.

“Meeting an amazing Sports Illustrated photographer like Robert Beck is one of the highlights of designing at Lowepro. On any given job, he’s making dozens of fast decisions, easily working 9 different cameras, including his remotes. His work proves he’s doing it right. He’s broken down a lot of complicated decisions and lessons learned into what he casually refers to as ‘routines.’ What’s routine for him is pretty extraordinary for many of us. I spend every day developing ways to improve the photographer’s workflow, and talking with him, hearing his stories, has got my brain spinning with new ideas. I’m shadowing him at a local football game tonight and I’m pretty excited to see him in action.” (Luis)

Katrina Neill

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Katrina was the Senior Editor & Communications Manager for Lowepro.

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