Black Bear Meets Lowepro Pack

Jacquie Nelsen's Lowepro backpack after its ordeal with a black bear

Editor’s note: It’s not backed by a scientific study, but we occasionally hear from our customers that bears like Lowepro bags. Perhaps they’re just fond of backpacks in general! Our newest story comes from Jacquie Nelsen. She attended a recent Vancouver Photo Workshop along the West Coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia and has this tale to tell. We are so glad that you and your gear are okay, Jacquie.

“While attending a Vancouver Photo Workshop in Tofino, BC, my Primus AW backpack (filled with more than $15K worth of camera gear) was ‘attacked’ (as in dragged, jumped on, bitten, rolled on, sat on, and the foam plucked out of it) by a black bear. I was taking long exposure shots on Long Beach with my bag (no food inside) right next to me. The bear came out of nowhere, grabbed my bag and proceeded to use it as a play toy.

I ran (I’m sorry to say—I had no time to back up or walk in a calm or cool fashion). I watched for 45 minutes with the hope that he/she wouldn’t drag my gear from the beach into the adjacent forest, never to be seen again. In the end, I recovered my beaten bag with all my gear inside. The bag is still useable, despite many scars, and a lost strap or two; however, the gear was untouched, thus protected by my Lowepro bag.”

Katrina Neill

About Katrina Neill

Katrina was the Senior Editor & Communications Manager for Lowepro.


  • ScottH says:

    I’m glad that you made it out alive, Jacquie. That could have been fatal! On another note, my still and video camera bags are both Lowepro bags and I’ve had them for years (I think Derrick Story recommended them…). This testament of their durability has cemented me as a customer for life. Good running, Jacquie, and good quality, Lowepro!

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