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By January 13, 2012Pro Photographers, Products

On my flight to Las Vegas to cover the CES 2012 event, I booked a seat on Bombardier Q400, so I could use my local airport instead of driving 90 minutes to San Francisco International. The tradeoff is that the Q400 is a much smaller plane than those servicing SFO. The overhead compartments are particularly tight.

I decided to go with my most powerful carry-on companions: the Pro Messenger 200 AW and the Pro Roller Lite 150 AW. Both fit under the seat or in the overhead compartment of the 60-seat Bombardier Q400.

Lowepro Travel Companions

To give you an idea of how compact the Pro Roller Lite 150 AW is, here’s a shot of it in the standard US Airline “carry-on luggage check,” and you can see that there’s room to spare. But room to spare here doesn’t mean that it fits in the overhead of a smaller plane. Fortunately, in the case of the Roller Lite 150 AW, it does fit.

Pro Roller Lite 150 AW in Luggage Check

Inside of the Pro Roller Lite 150 AW, I have two DSLR bodies and a Olympus PEN. Plus it holds flash, 5 lenses, my iPad, accessories, and more. I put my MacBook Air in the front pocket during travel in an Acme Made sleeve.

I put all of my clothes in the Pro Messenger 200 AW. When I arrive at my destination, I put the personal belongings in the hotel dresser, then load up the photo gear I need for the day in the shoulder bag. I keep the roller locked up in the hotel room. I like to bring a bike cable lock so I can secure it to a stationary object.

Lowepro Pro Messenger and Roller Lite

I just spent 3 days working in Las Vegas with this combination. I’ve written articles, published photographs, and managed to have a nice meal or two. I love the option of traveling light, but still having the gear I need to get my job done.

Derrick Story is the Photography Evangelist for Lowepro.


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  • Geoff says:

    Will the front pocket of the Pro Messenger 200 hold an MBA 11″? I saw the video with the ipad in that pocket, so it looks like it might work…

  • Marcus says:

    What is the weight of the roller when loaded though?

    Most international flights have a maximum of 7 kg for economy seats – only 15lbs in old money. Also only one bag not two!

    The size of the bag is by no means the most difficult part of keeping your kit with you when flying – the weight question is MUCH harder to deal with IMV.

  • Lyvon says:

    Traveling light is less filling…that’s good !

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