John Paul Caponigro Webinar Recap

Our thanks go out to John Paul Caponigro for sharing his expertise on the Art of Traveling during his webinar today. For any of you who missed this educational and inspirational event, we’ll provide a brief recap below. You can experience the complete webinar in a few days on our web site. Visit our Ask the Pro page for information on this, past and upcoming webinars.

John Paul discussed how he prepares for making the most of a photography adventure, both physically and mentally. He touched on a crucial first step: the art of packing. He focused on choosing the right camera bag to make the journey easier. Two of his favorite Lowepro bags are the Pro Roller x100 (wheels are a good thing!) and CompuDay Photo 150.

He also shared his secrets on the creative components of traveling: research, goal setting, storytelling and journaling. Each of these components is core to the adventures he takes and workshops he leads in some of the most beautiful and remote places on the planet. You’ll want to see the sites he searches, apps he uses and books he looks to for guidance.

An internationally renowned fine artist, John Paul is based in Cushing, Maine. Learn more about his imagery, workshops, newsletter and upcoming trips by visiting his web site.

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