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One of the coolest features in the Lowepro booth at WPPI 2012 is the pair of airline overhead storage compartments installed with our Pro Roller display. These are standard US airline overheads. I’ve seen larger versions on the bigger jets, and slightly smaller renditions on the commuter planes, such as the one I flew from Santa Rosa, CA to Las Vegas.

For those of you who can’t come see us in person, I put together this short video with Lowepro’s own Robb Stites, who oversees the marketing of these rollers. Robb shows how easily both models of the Pro Roller Lite AW Series fit in a standard overhead compartment.

I mentioned that I flew to Las Vegas on one of those small commuter planes, and I was able to fit the Pro Roller Lite 150 AW in the overhead compartment for that flight. In it, I have a DSLR body, lenses, a micro four thirds system, flash, audio recorder, microphones, and even a tripod (yes, the tripod is inside the bag). Everything I needed to record and edit this video, plus the gear I need for other assignments while working at WPPI.

I hope the overhead compartments become a standard feature in the Lowepro booth. Maybe you’ll be able to take them for a spin one day.

Derrick Story is the Lowepro Photography Evangelist.


About Derrick

Derrick Story is a professional photographer, writer, teacher and photography evangelist for Lowepro. He has authored several digital media books, including his latest, The Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers and The Digital Photography Companion (O'Reilly Media, publisher). Derrick is a Senior Contributor for Macworld magazine where he writes a digital photography column, and he's a regular presenter on the popular training site, Lynda.com. Online, Derrick has formed a virtual camera club called The Digital Story (www.thedigitalstory.com) that's open to all photography enthusiasts. The site features weekly podcasts, daily posts, training videos, and reader-submitted photos. You can reach Derrick at DStory@lowepro.com


  • Eduardo says:

    The best way to know your products it´s trouh videos, keep them comming! 🙂

  • I actually fly quite a bit with my gear back and forth to Europe. I have a combination of bags (not all camera specific) to get my gear there. Needless to say the results have not been always good. I have looked at the pro roller and it has my interest. Now to see one demonstrated, I am definitely leaning towards it. I really like this demo video. Now to actually get down to B&H and put my hands on it to see if this is THE bag.

  • Daniel Andriessen says:

    That’s how you can show the purpose of your products! Must be a worlds first at a photography show?

    Although i’m not an international/travel photographer, i’m very interested in the new line-up from Lowepro! Every bag has its own philosophy and that would make these well-thought-out pieces of gear great to use!

    Keep up the good work guys and have a nice show in Las Vegas!

  • Andy Gardecki says:

    I’ve never had anyone stop me for carry on weight, just size. Great marketing idea with the overhead demo.

  • Marcus says:

    Given that the maximum carry on weight is 7kg how much weight for gear is left after you account for the weight of the bag?

    The current obsession with bag size is unhelpful. Yes, bags must fit the carry on size regs, but ideally a carry on camera bag should weigh almost nothing to allow some gear to be carried!

    • Derrick says:

      Hi Marcus, the maximum carry on weight for airlines varies from carrier to carrier, and country to country. Yes, in extreme cases photographers have few options. But in countries such as the US and many others, you can fill a Pro Roller Lite and bring it onboard. Like everything else in our business, you have to understand the situation and adjust accordingly.

      • Marcus says:

        Almost all Asia/Pacific airlines are between 15 and 22 lbs. European ones are 13 to 22 average.

        There is a useful chart here http://boardingarea.com/blogs/flyingwithfish/2009/06/28/carry-on-weight-baggage-limit-chart-for-65-world-airlines/

        I would think that weights will be falling not rising as a way of saving fuel. We have seen our checked baggage allowances on Air New Zealand fall from 23kgs to 20 for example.

        I do find that bag manufacturers can focus carry on bags a little too much on the internal US market which remains unusually generous in both size and weight – not for much longer I suspect however!

        Wheeled carry ons will become obsolete unless made of titanium and carbon fibre because the empty bag uses up too much of the limit. This will not be helpful – for sure. Perhaps folding trolleys that detach from the bag and get checked are the way to go?

        I have certainly had my bag weighed and was made to check in $50,000 worth of Nikon gear or miss the flight!

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