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The new Event Messenger 250 is designed for urban photographers carrying an enthusiast DSLR, accessories, laptop, and/or a tablet. If you haven’t had a good look at it, here’s a 30-second overview with Lowepro’s own Jen recorded at WPPI, Las Vegas.

Most shooters think the bag looks great. But my view is that its more subtle features are what really separate it from the pack. For example, it has a dual action “quiet mode” and “secure mode” flap, similar to its bigger brother, the Pro Messenger, but implemented a bit differently.

Flap Set for "Quiet"
Flap set for quiet mode.

In “quiet mode,” the hook-and-loop fastener┬ástrip on the inside of the flap is folded over so it doesn’t stick to the mate on the main body of the bag. When configured like this, you can open and close the bag silently, allowing you to work unnoticed. If you want more security, use the buckle to close the Messenger with confidence.

Flap Set for "Secure"
Flap set for secure mode.

Now, for those times you want to secure your gear without using the buckle, open up the hook-and-loop fastener on the inside of the flap so it exposes the “hooks” that will stick to mate on the body of the bag. The flap will now stay closed, but can be opened faster than with the buckle when you need to reach for your camera.

Also designed into the Event Messenger are the flexible storage options for your laptop (13″) or tablet. There’s a padded sleeve on the inside of the bag for extra protection when traveling. Or you can use the pocket on the back of the bag for quick access while working.

Event Messenger 250 Back Side
Back of Event Messenger with pocket.

The Event Messenger is an affordable ($79), clever solution for photographers who want to work and travel discretely in urban environments.

Derrick Story is the Photography Evangelist for Lowepro.


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  • Nice stylish design and the double velcro looks like I could flip the cover closed and know the contents would be secure.

  • peter florendo says:

    This one addresses the need to be subtle (quiet mode) especially when at functions (music recitals, weddings, library, musuems, church, etc.,) requiring absolute silence… TGIF Lowepro! :]

  • Sandra says:

    I would use the bag for my trips to the city in safe mode and silent mode for picture hunting in the Parc de Felins -just to get the roar moments !

  • Al Girard says:

    This bag looks perfect for day-trips. I would use the quiet mode in Church and also for performing arts and concerts.

  • Jonathan Carre says:

    Silent mode would be ideal for my theatre photography! The ability to get gear out of a bag during a performance and not make noise is essential.
    Secure mode is just what I need for sports photography, particularly whilst photographing the HALO British Downhill Series, which involves carrying my gear up and down some steep mountainous terrain.

  • Jonathan Carre says:

    Silent mode would be ideal for my theatre photography!

  • Nir Daga says:

    been a LP user for many years now, using the fastpack series and Nova.
    this bag looks great, i would use the quiet mode probably more for a confrence or if need to photograph an importent speech or lecture and want to change lenses fast and silent.
    and secure mode for those more croweded situation like in a middle of a market or a big outside event.

  • @mackphoto says:

    Really enjoy LP bags. I just ordered the Pro Messenger but noticed on this one (Event Messenger) one neat detail: LP has a quick-release buckle for securing the flap. I LOVE THAT! Given there’s multiple ways to secure and drape, I like the option to have that; say, when you’re done for the day and motoring on. Why not be able to lock things down. Something more than just velcro (hint, hint, that should be on the Pro version as well).

    Still, looking forward to my care package to arrive soon. ­čÖé

  • Daniel Andriessen says:

    That’s how I relate lowepro to making bags, subtle details and features all over the place! For people with a non-gripped body I think this will be a perfect bag! especially for family and streetphotography where speed is critical.

  • Andrew Gardecki says:

    I really want to pick one of these up to handle my CSC cameras and lenses. Was hoping to see them on sale at Best Buy sometime soon.

  • I have this bag, and I can definitely say it is AMAZING! The price is right, it fits a ton of gear safely and securely…you will not be disappointed!

  • Wow, an interesting looking street bag. The price is right also. I like the way it is designed with the silencers and the interior computer pocket. Makes me want to get one also.

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