Free Bag Friday: New Event Messenger 250

By March 2, 2012Products

Want a chance to win the new Event Messenger 250? Just comment on this post about how you would use the Dual-Mode Flap design in your photography. In other words, when would you be in “secure” mode and when would you switch to “quiet” mode. You can read more about this here.

Flap Set for "Secure"
Flap set for secure mode where the hook-and-loop fastener locks against the front of the bag.

You have until midnight, Sunday March 4 PST, to place your comment. Next week, we’ll randomly choose a comment and announce the winner here and on our Lowepro Facebook page. As always, void where prohibited. And just so you know, we really are interested in how you would use this bag 🙂

Good Luck!


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  • Phil says:

    I would use the steal mode to take pictures of animals without them being alert to a clipping noise. it would also come in handy when taking pictures of bums before they saw me.

  • Paul Rogers says:

    I would use the bag for weddings. I would use the stealth mode taking pics in the middle of a service and need to get an extra lens or card from my bag. Then I would use the secure mode while doing the walking around shots, like at the reception.

  • Agatha says:

    Secure mode while traveling to location. Switch to quiet mode upon reaching the location to avoid annoying other travelers of the sound of unfastening the Velcro straps.

  • Agatha says:

    Secure mode is great while traveling. Switch to quiet mode when you reach the location to avoid annoying other travelers because of the sound of the Velcro straps.

  • aleksey says:

    i would use Dual-Mode in theatre

  • Eduardo says:

    The velcro is a very handy feature, and that quiet mode is even better! Whish I had those in my Exchange Messenger.

  • Matthew Hofbauer says:

    I’d probably use the secure mode anywhere with other people, stick to quiet mode around friends and outdoors when I’m alone.

    Going to be getting the iPad 3, so that’ll be going in here along with my old camera. Won’t be doing a lot of shooting till I get a new setup but I’d use this for my daily messenger bag, out to the fleamarket or to the park, etc.

  • Mike Rawling says:

    Bag looks awesome! A stealthy and ungeeky method of carrying all the kit I’d need

  • Robert Hanson says:

    I think the Lowepro bag would be great to have for many reasons and the secure feature is a awesome idea.

  • Mark says:

    I’m an 18 year old college student, have been using Lowepro bags for 6 years now. This bag would be awesome to have when I do my full year study abroad to Italy!

  • Arindam Das says:

    I love to carry my camera at all times, but to do that I have to carry it in my Lowepro shoulder bag..along side my laptop and othe accessories and at times it becomes impossible when I am carrying too many documents. But this Event messenger 250 would give me that edge to keep my best friend close to me at all times along with my work…the secure mode would really work wonders when it comes to those sneak peaks ;)say its wildlife or your friends :)Great creation I would say..!!

  • Kirill Kirillov says:

    I gonna travel to Africa this summer. The silent mode would be perfect for wild nature photography. Thanks Lowepro! 🙂

  • KC says:

    Secure mode while hiking to the territory of the elusive Jackalope, then stealth mode while stalking him.

  • Sam Gordon says:

    I. Would be in secure mode while walking to. The Penn Relays from my Bed and Breakfast a mile from Franklin Field. As soon as I got into position for the pole vault, I would switch to quiet mode. Since I live in California, this would help my fear of Philadelphia

  • I’ll be making my first-ever trip to Europe this summer and this bag would be the perfect security blanket for my camera.

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