Free Bag Friday: New Event Messenger 250

By March 2, 2012Products

Want a chance to win the new Event Messenger 250? Just comment on this post about how you would use the Dual-Mode Flap design in your photography. In other words, when would you be in “secure” mode and when would you switch to “quiet” mode. You can read more about this here.

Flap Set for "Secure"
Flap set for secure mode where the hook-and-loop fastener locks against the front of the bag.

You have until midnight, Sunday March 4 PST, to place your comment. Next week, we’ll randomly choose a comment and announce the winner here and on our Lowepro Facebook page. As always, void where prohibited. And just so you know, we really are interested in how you would use this bag 🙂

Good Luck!


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  • David Perez says:

    ssssssssssssssssssssssssssch, not to wake my baby.
    In June I will be father for the first time.

  • Jurjen says:

    I would use it as a naturephotography bag, because i need a fast acces to my gear. I would like the quiet mode when i’m shooting wildlife and don’t want to make animals upset etc. and i would love te security in public, that’s why i also have a flipside 300.

  • Rachel says:

    Ok I know the contest is over, but the idea… genius. A wedding photographer’s dream!

  • James Lee says:

    I would like to use this bag as my daily bag to carry my cameras around town!

  • Francis G. says:

    I would use it mainly to cover concerts. The quiet mode would perfect during operas and acoustic concerts, and the secure mode during rock and metal shows.

  • Matt says:

    Quiet mode for stealthy action and candids or whenever I’m about to nab a shot. Secure mode for going home as I’m falling asleep on the train…. (don’t rob me, guys)

  • Gabi Butcher says:

    I didn’t know about Friday giveaways… Oh I hope next time I’m the chosen one 🙂

  • Ircahn says:

    I would use the silent mode especially when I’m doing video/photo work in stealth mode at not so public places. The secure mode…why of course it’s to keep my baby safe at all other situations!

  • Simone Anne says:

    I love this! Secure mode for when I’m in transit… or on public transportation. Quiet mode would be when I was in the midst of shooting, like during a wedding or something! So helpful! 😀

  • wend says:

    I would use the security feature most of the time. The quiet mode would be great when trying to sneak candids of the family. I might actually get pictures of more than just the backs of their heads.

  • Rupesh says:

    I have been chosen ‘official’ photographer/videographer for a student cultural event & food gala for the next month. This would be my first assignment ever, and I am so excited that I am already planning every details! What I don’t have now is a perfect bag for the shoot. This Lowepro Event Messenger 250 would be the one! It will hold all my gears – a Canon 60D, a 30mm 1.4 for video, and a 70-200 2.8 zoom lens for discrete photographs during dinner, a flash, and my iPad for instant image viewing with eye-fi card. The silence mode flap would be ideal when I am doing the video shoot – finally no more distracting Velcro noise on my videos!

  • tackchou says:

    I would simply use the “quite mode” in the circumstances where there isn’t much background noise such as some formal event. As for “secure mode” will be use when I am on the street, travelling and some event such as concert.

  • Kostas Diamantopoulos says:

    Haven’t decided yet for the use for each spec of the bag, since i don’t own it. I’ll do it after i have it on my hands.

  • Cat. says:

    I would use the “quiet mode” when mooving around in a event and the “secure mode” when moving between events.

  • EdM says:

    The combination of the velcro and the buckle gives a good range of security and discretion. In a street and/or crowded situation where silence is not important I would use the “secure mode” with the Velcro but, in a crowded situation where silence in imperative but also some protection, from pickpockets for example, I would use the buckle in the “quiet mode”. For safe and controlled situations I would comfortably leave my gear ease of access, in the quiet mode with no buckle.

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