Recap of Brad Wrobleski Webinar

We’d like to thank our friend and Loweprofessional Brad Wrobleski for his Skiing, Trekking and Climbing Photography webinar. Brad likes to get way out there with his camera gear, his unique POV—and of course—his favorite Lowepro bags.

We’ll provide a short recap here. And for those of you who missed this event, or want to view it again, go to our Ask the Pro page in a few days to view the webinar in its entirety. You an also view past webinars and sign-up for upcoming education events.

Brad discussed the nuances of each of these outdoor photography activities and shared his trips for what to pack, how to store and deal with images in the field, and what bag he takes to protect his gear. Here are a few of his favorites from his Lowepro collection: DryZone 200, Toploader Pro 65 AW and the Toploader Zoom 55 AW that Brad keeps “in front and center”.

The elements play a big part in outdoor photography and Brad discussed his best ways to deal with snow, rain, sand, heat, humidity and water. Other highlights included how to ready yourself so you don’t miss a shot and how to move to get shots on the fly—both critical skills for an adventure photographer to possess. You’ll want to see how he captured a sense of action and the human element on shoots in the Canadian Rockies, Italy and canyoneering in Utah.

Brad is an editorial and stock photographer specializing in adventure and travel. He’s based out of out of Alberta, Canada…but his work takes him all over the world. To learn more about his work, upcoming trips and talks and see his amazing gallery of images, please visit his web site.
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