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He is called a “master of color” for good reason. Rangefinder magazine referred to Eric Meola as one of a “handful of color photographers who are true innovators”. His work is informed by writers, painters, musicians and the desire to create visual metaphors with his imagery—whether intimate portraits, unique landscapes or color-saturated abstracts.

As a Canon “Explorer of Light,” Eric has lectured extensively, including such institutions as Syracuse University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Brooks (Santa Barbara) and the Art Center at Pasadena. In 2004, Graphis Editions published his first book The Last Places on Earth, a look at disappearing tribes and cultures throughout the world. In 2011, Ormond Yard Press of London published his most unusual book, the mammoth (18”x24”, 14 lbs.) edition of photographs of Bruce Springsteen—Born to Run Revisited—that was limited to 500 copies. Streets of Fire, his fifth book, will be published by HarperCollins in the fall of 2012.

We think you’ll be inspired by the intriguing, innovative and legendary photographer Eric Meola in this exclusive profile.

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