Recap of Ian Spanier Webinar

We want to thank Ian Spanier for sharing his insights in his Talent Will Only Get You So Far: the Successes and Failures of a Photographer webinar, co-sponsored with Photoflex.

If you missed the event, we’ll provide a short recap here. You can experience the webinar in its entirety in a just a few days on our web site. Please visit our Ask the Pro page for information on this, past and upcoming webinars.

Ian shared great advice on how to blend the artistry of photography with the business of photography. As a former GQ magazine photo editor turned freelance photographer, Ian knew many of the ups and downs. As he started off on his own, he made a few rules–such as never taking jobs that weren’t his strong suit: shooting weddings, kids or pets (and he rarely had to break those rules). He was reluctant, at first, to hop on the social media band wagon, but realized the exposure opportunities he could reap.

Other highlights include: renting versus owning equipment; his invoice system; reading contracts; copyrighting and insurance; sending clear and complete promotional information to potential clients; using consultants, agents, producers and studio managers; plus his go-to gear. Ian has carried Lowepro bags for many years. His current favorites are two that help get him from location A to B while traveling for assignments: Pro Roller x200 and SlingShot 200 AW.

An award-winning advertising and editorial, portrait photographer, Ian Spanier is based in Long Beach, New York. To learn more about his work and upcoming projects, please visit his site.

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