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There’s a tool right on our web site that’s built to help you find an ideal fit for your camera. It’s the Lowepro Bagfinder.

It’s easy to use and it helps you determine which camera bag is the right fit for your DSLR or CSC camera, camcorder, lenses, tripod and other accessories. It lets you choose the style of bag you like to carry–from backpack to roller. It even gives you the best choices for pro gear with grip and without grip. Or bags with a weather-protective cover.

Some of the biggest retailers in the imagery world–likeĀ B&H and Adorama–rely on our Bagfinder tool to help customers. And it’s used in dozens of countries like Portugal, the Netherlands and Russia to help pro and enthusiast photographers fit all of their gear in an ideal carrying solution. (You can even do a Bagfinder search in more than 20 languages).

Give it a try and eliminate some of the guesswork as you search for a camera bag. It’s a good thing to find a perfect fit for your photography obsession!

Katrina Neill

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Katrina was the Senior Editor & Communications Manager for Lowepro.

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