Lowepro at the Summit Series of Photography Workshops: Aurora Multimedia

Editor’s note: Just back in the office and truly inspired by what he learned, our colleague and design director Rick offers this first-hand report from the Summit Series of Photography Workshops in Boulder, Colorado. This most-recent program was organized and managed by Rich Clarkson & Associates, LLC of Denver in conjunction with our friends at Aurora Photos. The topic is one we’re excited about: “DSLR Filmmaking for Photographers”.


“As a photographer and design director at Lowepro, I find myself looking for workshops that will help take my photography to the next level. I just got back from a Summit Series of Photography Workshops in Boulder and I have to say—I am completely impressed.

I attended the Aurora Multimedia workshop. The content was extremely valuable and the instructors and presenters were excellent. Multimedia is a fast-growing segment and many photographers are evaluating how to learn about it, get comfortable with it, and add it to their photographic tool belt.

The workshop covered the entire aspect of multimedia–from the medium’s pace of change to how to capture audio for your project. Bob Dotson of NBC’s American Story provided invaluable tips on interviewing and how to dig deep to get the “real” story. Rob Finch taught us more than we wanted to know about editing. Corey Rich gave us demonstrations on equipment set-up for a two-camera interview.

And other professionals such as  Kevin Moloney (New York Times contract photographer and photojournalism professor at the University of Colorado) and Hans Weise (video director at National Geographic) walked us through how to capture sound and tell better stories.

Another great benefit was meeting and interacting with the other attendees, many of whom are award-wining photographers in their own right.

If you want to learn more and grow as a photographer this is a terrific resource. I am ready for another.”



Katrina Neill

About Katrina Neill

Katrina was the Senior Editor & Communications Manager for Lowepro.


  • jose azel says:

    Thanks for the comments on the Aurora and Novus Select workshop. We plan to make the next one even better and want to thank Lowepro for its many years of support to the Aurora and Novus Select photographer community!!!

  • Marcus says:

    One of the great things about the US is the sheer number of workshops and so on that you have to avail yourselves of!
    Here in NZ it is more or less impossible to find more than one a year (if you are lucky) and usually you have to pay plenty and go overseas. I myself am heading to Cambodia for a 2 week workshop next year!

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