Sign Up for a Free Cristina Mittermeier Webinar: Event Takes Place Thursday, August 9

We’re extremely excited to present an exclusive (and free!) webinar with renowned conservation photographer Cristina Mittermeier. She’ll present Shooting Your Vision on Thursday, August 9 at 11am PDT and 2pm EDT.

Cristina will share some of her techniques and insights, including how to sketch your shot, relying on research, the 30-60-10 rule, how to articulate your story and learning to appreciate and learn from failure. Passion and vision—as she so clearly demonstrates in her own work—will be key themes to inspire your photographic pursuits.

Cristina is the founder of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP), a consortium of some of the world’s best photographers who are actively working for conservation. Her work is represented by National Geographic Stock.

Please join us for this very special webinar co-sp0nsored by Sony and Lowepro. Sign up here.

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Katrina was the Senior Editor & Communications Manager for Lowepro.

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