Kohjiro Kinno and Imagery from the London 2012 Summer Olympics

Editor’s note: Lowepro friend and sports photographer Kohjiro Kinno is shooting in London now with colleague Robert Beck for Sports Illustrated. We caught up with him (just for a nano-moment; his schedule is busy as you might imagine) to get a few impressions.


Men's Field Hockey, © Kohjiro Kinno

Men's Field Hockey, © Kohjiro Kinno

Your schedule must be pretty exhausting. What’s it like to cover the world of amazing athletes in this fascinating city?
The first few days were the most challenging. Opening ceremonies ended around 12:30am and after everything, I got back to my hotel around 3:30am. On the shuttle to our first venue by 6am. Some people didn’t even sleep. Probably got back to the hotel that night around 1am. Then back on the shuttle around the same time. This went on for 3 days. Everybody looked like zombies. After awhile you get used to not sleeping. Tempers are shorter; patience is put to the test. Little things start to irritate you. People are a little… edgy. You fall asleep on the shuttle bus and miss your spot. But after a week or so, things calm down, you start making good photos, all is good, you love everybody. You see world-class athletes with tears of joy, tears of defeat, the music of your national anthem plays…. Great Britain’s national anthem plays with EVERY Brit singing along. It’s the best.


What’s the most challenging venue so far? Why?
So far I’ve been to the Olympic Stadium (Track), Aquatic Center (Swimming, Diving and Synchronized Swimming), Field Hockey Stadium, Basketball Arena, and the Marathon Area. It’s been all easy to get to and easy to get in and out quickly. The photo staff the London Olympic Committee put together has been very helpful to make nice pictures. The most challenging part, no matter what the venue, is just finishing the day with a set of nice photos.

Swimmers Underwater, © Kihjiro Kinno

Swimmers Underwater, © Kihjiro Kinno

Favorite Brit-food snack to keep you on-the-go?
Wine Gums (kinda like gummy bears) and McDonald’s. Yup, we’re living large.

Most surprising moment you captured?
Being able to photograph from underwater during the Aquatics Competition. Especially the Synchronized Swimmers from underwater; it’s very surreal and yet very beautiful.

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