Recap of Cristina Mittermeier Webinar

Berenty; Madagascar Southern Spiny Desert, © Cristina MittermeierWe’d like to thank Cristina Mittermeier for her generosity and insights, as well as Sony for co-hosting the Shooting Your Vision webinar with us. If you missed it, please check back to view the full webinar by going to our Ask the Pro page.

Here are a few highlights from Cristina’s presentation. She uses Lowepro’s Pro Roller Lite AW and SlingShot 302 AW as her go-to bags. And she is a big believer in being prepared and organized – in everything from packing redundant gear (“accidents can happen”) to cleaning supplies to a camera manual.

Cristina shared her ten ideas on unleashing creativity and telling stories with images. One fundamental idea is: research. Cristina is an advocate of spending the time and effort to know where you’re going and how you’ll get by once you get there. She spends hours on Google Earth looking at sunrise and sunset times, learning about ecosystems, memorizing a few sentences in a foreign language – all in order to be prepared and enjoy the shooting experience.

Fishing in Madagascar, © Cristina Mittermeier

Shoot more than you need is idea #6. Even though it may seem like you’re shooting the same scene, you’re looking for something to change (the light, the perfect subject to move into the frame, an animal action). “Just keep shooting it. And when you think you’re done; shoot some more.”

One of Cristina’s most passionate photographic stories is to convey how people depend on marine ecosystems. She is always amazed “how much effort it takes people to pull out of the ocean just a handful of fish.”

Cristina Mittermeier is the founder of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP), a consortium of some of the world’s best photographers who are actively working for conservation. Her work is represented by National Geographic Stock. See more imagery on her web site and learn about the work of the ILCP.

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