Photo Sport 200 AW – Outdoor Daypack that also Protects My Camera

By August 16, 2012Design Room, Products

As I look at Lowepro’s latest outdoor backpacks, I notice there are some distinctive features among them. The Flipside Sport emphasizes camera gear. If you need the most capacity for photography, it’s a great choice. The Photo Hatchback is a fun travel bag for those who are going to end up on the trail. Plus it has a dedicated iPad sleeve. And for the pure day hike experience, I like the Photo Sport 200 AW.

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It accommodates both a water bottle and a hydration bladder. The rucksack design allows me to pack my personal gear in a variety of configurations. The bottom buckle straps are perfect for transporting my roll-up ground pad, and the expandable front pocket is where I keep an extra jacket for when the weather turns (not to mention the All Weather cover in the bottom that protects the entire pack). There are four zippered pockets: one inside the backpack, another on top, and two on the waist band. So small items don’t get lost.

And then there’s the cinch-up camera box. I typically carry my DSLR with a standard lens there, then stash a long zoom inside the bag. On the trail, I’ll sometimes move the long zoom to the side mesh pocket for quick access. That way I can switch lenses easily.

So, when I’m off for a day-long hike, the Photo Sport 200 AW is my first choice. It accommodates all of my hiking gear, plus protects my DSLR in any weather condition.


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