Rover Pro 45L AW: Free Bag (Almost) Friday

By September 20, 2012Contests, Products

It’s technically Thursday, but this week’s selection for Free Bag (Almost) Friday is the Rover Pro 45L AW.

When you need to carry your camera and basic camping gear to the back country, carry it all in the first technical, mountain-style photo pack of its kind: Rover Pro AW. It’s designed for active outdoor photographers who need a comfortable way to hike with heavy loads over long, varied terrain.

Have you seen the new Rover Pro 45L AW and said to yourself, “that bag was built for me?” Well, we want to give one to some lucky photographer! Here’s how you can enter to win.


  • Tweet @Lowepro
  • Mention why you’d love to get this bag in the same tweet
  • Use hashtag #RoverPro

Not on Twitter? No problem.

  • Share a photo of your current camera bag and why you need the Rover Pro 45L AW on Instagram.
  • Use hashtags #Lowepro and #RoverPro.

Not on Twitter or Instagram? Just add a comment to this blog about how you’d use the bag if you won. We’ll randomly select a winner on Tuesday, September 25. The winning comment will be posted here and on our Facebook Fan Page.

Open internationally, but void where prohibited. One winner will be chosen randomly.

Katrina Neill

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  • Pellegrin Gilles says:

    Je possède un Lowepro Orion Trekker 2 depuis 4 ans et j’en suis très content.
    Aujourd’hui je possède un second appareil photo ainsi qu’un zoom, de plus je fais de la randonnée.
    Le nouveau Lowepro Rover Pro 35L AW me premttrait d’allier mes deux passions : la photo et la randonnée. Et ainsi pouvoir prendre en toute sécurité le matériel photo ainsi que le matériel de randonnée.

  • Erica Jue says:

    I need this bag for my upcoming 7 week adventure in South America! 🙂 My current camera bag (ie purse) is not cutting it.

  • pedel says:

    Hi! this kind of bag is a must of all caracteristics I’m looking for from a long time ago. Versatility, lightweight, that’s an easy way to share some very original pictures! my photo works are based on rope activities: climbing, caving, and reports for heightworkers! when you seat for some hours on a harness with 100m of rope and full of carabiners attached, to acess some beautiful places, you need a bag that you forgot!

  • I would love this bag! I currently have an excellent flipside 300 bag that i use in the city and on shorter walks. The Rover Pro AW would be perfect for my surf shooting trips that I do alot of and will be doing even more. It can get cold up here in Norway and The Rover Pro would fit that extra gear I really need like extra warm clothing, tent, abit of food and I bet i could even hang a pair of extra dry light boots on it. I now use a regular backpack that I stuff my camera into because i have not seen a photo backpack that has room for what I need but finally the Rover Pro AW looks like it will fill that need.

  • Brandon Gower says:

    I live in Yosemite and regularly go on day hikes or multi-day backpacking trips. My Flipside 200 is great, but doesn’t have room for any outdoor gear. So my camera gear usually gets shoved into a daypack or my backpacking pack with little to no protection, which is obviously not the best solution. The Rover Pro would be amazing!

  • Solo puedo decir que me encanta es espectacular como todos sus productos, yo tengo 3 Lowepro, todos de diferentes tamaños para varias funciones y son de lo mejor, este particularmente me gusta para el campo y salir de viaje a tomar fotografías.

  • Khoa Dao says:

    If won, I would use this bag for extended photo hikes and travel.

  • KT Puccia says:

    I’m teaching a high school photography class called “Art in the Open City”. The class creates site-based, documentary photo essays to learn/share stories about neighborhoods and regions of Chicago that students are unfamiliar with. Tomorrow we head to our first location of the semester – – the commercial/industrial shipping Port of Chicago and the freight waterway that connects Lake Michigan to the Misssippi (& to the Gulf of Mexico). Globalization right our backyard! We just acquired two new cameras, a Nikon J1 and Canon T3. Would love a kickin’ Lowepro bag to keep them safe and sound in during our outdoor adventures!

  • Jim says:

    This is the bag I have been looking for to use when I go hiking. I can carry all of my gear, water and food.

  • Rex Woodley says:

    I love to travel and go hiking to extreme locations to capture unique and unseen images. All my money goes into these trips and camera gear. It would be amazing if I could have one camera bag to do all the work instead of having to take two or use a non camera specific bag to carry my gear.

    Thanks Lowepro! I’m a big fan of the quality of all your gear.

  • Nick Kiest says:

    I love to backpack, and take photographs, but I always have to bring a camera bag inside my backpacking bag, or wrap each piece of gear separately. Combining these together seems like a great idea!

  • Kirsten Phelan says:

    After receiving a DSLR for a birthday present, I need a bag which will I can take on my long hikes which will be comfortable but which will also offer me the flexibility and protection for my DSLR and the bits and bobs!

  • Johnny says:

    I will use Rover Pro 45L AW for travel.

  • Vivek Pillai says:

    I love to take my camera places, but I also love to travel light. This looks like the perfect bag to me for the long weekend hiking trip..

  • Paul Compton says:

    I would be may up to win such a cool travel camera bag, I have 3 Lowepro bags of different sizes and love them all. This would be great for my longer travels to save me taking two bags.


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