The Calm Before the Storm

By September 21, 2012Events

On trade show days, I usually get to work about 30 minutes before the doors open to the public. It’s interesting on the floor then. Everything is so calm.

Calm Lowepro Booth
The Lowepro booth minutes before the doors open at Photokina.

Lowepro employees are straightening the bags, checking the audio/visual, and making sure that everyone is prepared to answer the hundreds of questions that will be asked over the next eight hours. It takes stamina.

Fortunately, Photokina is also the best of all events to work. Unlike other shows, where you don’t even have a place to stash your bag while you’re manning the booth, the Lowepro space is very large with an meeting area in the center.

Lowepro Booth Meeting Area
The center of the Lowepro booth at Photokina is the meeting area. This is when much business is conducted. It also provides a comfortable break room for employees.

This multifunctional area allows for many meetings to be scheduled at the same time. That’s very important for an international show such as Photokina when we have business partners from all over the world in town for just a week. It also provides a space for employees to take a break during long days on the show floor. This shot of the meeting area is actually 3 frames stitched together to give you a better idea of how big the space really is.

Then, once the doors open to the public, the excitement begins to build. This is our opportunity to meet with you. Not only do we get to show you the latest products that we’re proud of, we get to hear about your work and the support you need to get the job done. These conversations are an important part of the trade show experience.

Busy Lowepro Booth
Once the doors open to the public, the real fun begins.

I hope you get the chance to visit with us at an event some day. After Photokina, we’ll be setting up shop in New York in October for PhotoPlus Expo. If you’re in town, I hope you stop by to say hello.

Derrick Story is the Photography Evangelist for Lowepro.


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