Speaker Line Up at PhotoPlus Expo 2012

Are you heading to Photo Plus this week? If you are, make sure you come by the Lowepro booth (#736) to see our wonderful photographer friends and enjoy product demonstrations. It’s a great time to get a firsthand look at the new products like Rover Pro AW, Passport Sling II and Photo Hatchback AW.

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10:30 Stephen Johnson: A Photographers Pack. Being prepared means having what you need. Steve will spend a few minutes detailing what is in his pack, why, and the things he always has to carry when the camera pack cannot come along.

11:00 Tony Gale: Night Photography. Tony will be discussing Night photography and some unusual lights that Tony keeps in his Lowepro bag

Noon Aaron Nace of Phlearn: Photoshop Demonstration. Aaron will conduct a Photoshop tutorial including step-by-step creations of some of his more popular images.

12:30 Todd Williams: Performance, protection and style.  Find out how Lowepro bags allow Todd to carry multiple camera systems into the back country and handle the weather – if it’s 100 degrees or 20.

1:15 Blair Bunting: The Deadliest Catch Almost Didn’t Happen. Blair will discuss how Lowepro saved “The Deadliest Catch” shoot in Alaska

1:45 Tim Grey: Photography on the Go. In this session Tim Grey will share some of his favorite tips for making the most of your photography on-the-go. Whether you’re traveling halfway around the world or just across town, these tips will help you work more efficiently.

2:30 Brian Smith: Secrets of Great Portrait Photography. Celebrity portrait photographer Brian Smith is a Pulitzer Prize winner known for his bold, iconic portraits of celebrities and athletes. His new book ‘Secrets of Great Portrait Photography: Photographs of the Famous and Infamous‘ blends the lavish celebrity portraits of a coffee table book with technical how-to insights – plus offers up a side of behind-the-scenes celebrity stories. In this sexy, bold, beautiful book, Brian tells the stories behind the photos and lessons learned in 30 years of photographing celebrities and people in all walks of life.

3:45 Seth Resnick: Shooting In Extreme Conditions. Seth Resnick’s work is about color but his muse is ice. Seth will show recent work from both the Arctic and the Antarctic. The worlds that people assume are white are anything but white. Come enjoy pictures that truly look like they came from a different planet.


10:00 Vincent Versace: Burma. Vincent will discuss his most recent photography adventure in Burma.

11:15 Corey Rich:It Starts with Passion. Corey will share how his path to making powerful and compelling photographs starts with finding your passion. Like anything in life, the willingness to put the effort and sacrifice into those things which mean the most is essential. Recognizing individual passions and talents is fundamental to leading a fulfilling life. While it might seem counter-intuitive, it’s import to step away from photography from time to time in search of your personal expertise. What is it that you truly know and love? In what areas are you an expert? The next step is to apply your photographic skills and passion to share this expertise through images.

11:30 Nevada Wier: Going Light! Sometimes one just needs to carry a camera with one or two lenses. Nevada will demonstrate using the new Passport Sling II, S&F Series, Outback and Inverse. She will talk about when she uses these bags and why.

12:15 John Paul Caponigro: The Art of Traveling. John Paul will discuss how he prepares for making the most of a photography adventure, both physically and mentally.

12:30 John Isaac: The Art of Seeing. John will discuss photographing the wild tigers in his native India.

1:15 Robert Beck: Sport Photography. Robert will discuss his years shooting for sports publications like Sports Illustrated.

1:45 Tim Grey: Photos on the Map. In this session Tim Grey will demonstrate a wide variety of possibilities for adding location information to your photos automatically or manually, so you’ll always know where your favorite photos were captured.

2:00 Ed Heaton: The Lowepro Advantage. Ed will discuss the advantages of his Lowepro bag as a landscape photographer.

3:00 Dan Bailey Which outdoor pack is right for you? How and why he uses 4 different packs.


10:15 Lou Jones: Designing Your Life. Lou shares his thoughts on the sustainability of commercial photography and how to survive in the perplexing new age of photography.

11:30 Mark Alberhasky: Packing to Travel. There’s a popular expression, “less is more”, used in many situations to illustrate the value of simplicity. But as you’ll discover from hearing professional photographer/traveler Mark Alberhasky speak, the best answer to keeping things simple may not be exactly what you think.

12:45 Andy Katz: Travel Photography. Andy will be discussing his recent photography adventure in India

1:00 Ian Spanier: Five Different Shoots, Five different bags. From the studio to the field, learn how Ian uses 5 different Lowepro bags to make sure he has everything he needs.

2:00 Chris Rainier: Cultures on the Edge. Chris Rainier will share his insights on his new photography monograph, Cultures on the Edge.  The book is a visual exploration, documenting the rituals, daily lives and spiritual landscape of ancient cultures struggling to maintain their traditions in a modern world.

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