“No pictures, Mommy!”

I take a lot of photos of my kids. I’m a mom to two boys. It’s what I do. My two-year-old has started to get a bit frustrated with being one of the two things I focus my camera on most. A few weeks before the holidays he said, “No pictures, Mommy!” I nearly fell down laughing. Clearly, I’ve become the paparazzi mom, but since documenting my little guys is so important, I need to figure something out.

At that point, Christmas was coming and if he wasn’t going to let me take pictures or video of him and his brother, what was I going to do? I had to think of something and fast. I’ve got it! GoPro! I could wear a camera and the little ones wouldn’t notice!

On Christmas Eve, I get the GoPro camera ready. I had done a few test shots and video of the dog, who equally has an aversion to getting his picture taken prior to Christmas Eve, but I didn’t realize the sound quality isn’t that great inside the waterproof housing, so my first thought of capturing my son’s reaction to Santa visiting our house overnight is quickly squashed. It’s too late to buy yet another accessory (The Frame) to solve my problem.

Santa is on his way. We saw his sleigh tracker and boy, that guy moves fast! There was no way we were going to clearly hear his commentary of the morning, which would clearly be cute as can be. He’s two; it’s bound to be adorable.

So, how to figure this out? Well, I roped my husband into helping. He took video with the iPhone to document the morning and I strapped the GoPro onto my chest harness for a different perspective. I also used the GoPro to do a time lapse of the gift opening, which was epic. Of course the two-year-old opened his younger brother’s presents because at 10-months old, he’s far too young to understand Santa. With the excitement of Santa, my little guys didn’t even notice the cameras.

The boys were lucky enough to receive a Zoo membership for Christmas and we used the GoPro to document the visit. I love being able to mount the GoPro to various things, including my own body to free myself up to either grab a toddler or shoot with my Canon 60D.

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