Pro Feedback from South Lake Tahoe

Rick Saez, Lowepro category/product manager, just returned from a trek to South Lake Tahoe to meet with a group of pros. His goal? Feedback about bag design. Here’s his report.

Tahoe Design Meeting

“I was fortunate to spend some time this past weekend in South Lake Tahoe with a group of photographers and videographers talking shop,” writes Rick. (“Yes, there was a bit of skiing too.”)

“I want to thank Corey Rich for gathering this impressive group. We had a great time in the CRP office reviewing bags and gear. I can’t divulge all the good stuff we discussed because I don’t want to give away any secrets, but we worked up some very good ideas.”

“As a bonus, I received terrific feedback on current products we have in the design pipeline. Thanks specifically to the Vail crew — Rex and Mike; Tahoe locals Chris, Dane, and Rachid; and Preta and Avery… our two pooch helpers! The photographers and videographers I met with are affiliated with Novus Select; thanks to them for making these pros available. It means a lot to have their support as we build new products.”

“It’s valuable to work in the field and see firsthand how our products are used. Some of us in the office are hobby photographers, so whenever we have the opportunity to meet with pros, we jump at the chance. These professionals make their living shooting and traveling. Seeing how they pack, organize, and even modify our bags is great. Thanks guys!”


About Derrick

Derrick Story is a professional photographer, writer, teacher and photography evangelist for Lowepro. He has authored several digital media books, including his latest, The Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers and The Digital Photography Companion (O'Reilly Media, publisher). Derrick is a Senior Contributor for Macworld magazine where he writes a digital photography column, and he's a regular presenter on the popular training site, Online, Derrick has formed a virtual camera club called The Digital Story ( that's open to all photography enthusiasts. The site features weekly podcasts, daily posts, training videos, and reader-submitted photos. You can reach Derrick at


  • Kit Frost says:

    I hope there were women in the group. I suggest that we too use Lowepro and would love to add some input to the next collection of camera bags. I bought another Lowepro last year and shopped for just the right backpack, bag. Carried it on an adventure in Nepal, it missed the mark.

  • Chris says:

    Frankly this is a bit of a joke, the blog entry starts with “Here’s his report” and then… well nothing we learn apart the fact that there is nothing to divulge and there was a bit of skiing… I’ve been using Lowepro for more than 10 years now… I can’t remember how many bags and accessories I’ve bought, I’ll probably continue, but I’m quite disappointed by post like this. I trust there are enough good and interesting things about Lowepro to say rather than just pretend and try to create buzz…

  • stelio says:

    hello you shood make a mesanger bag to hod one body 2 lents one flash and a 10″ tablet or notbook than dosn look like a camera bag for the parparazi 🙂

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