Powerful imagery, the Rio Grande del Norte & a backcountry pack

Editor’s note on March 22, 2013: We have an update and a cool video from Josh to share today. Check out the Trout Unlimited blog. Watch Joshua’s video of Jose “Gia” Mondragon and the Rio Grande del Norte to learn more about these conversation efforts and the connection to place.

© Joshua Duplechian

What kind of bag does a photographer/videographer and conservation communication specialist choose for a backcountry shoot? The Flipside Sport 15L AW.

On a recent assignment for a Trout Unlimited/Sportsmen’s Conservation project, Joshua Duplechian traveled to the Rio Grande del Norte area of northern New Mexico to document a native land user’s connection to this unique place. To tell this story, Joshua often hiked long distances on the Taos Plateau – a vast, volcanic field with grass and sagebrush mesas, forested slopes and the Rio Grande River cutting through it.

© Joshua Duplechian“Keeping things light and simple was, and will always be, the primary goal,” Joshua said. “With the Flipside Sport 15L AW, I was able to comfortably carry a Nikon D800, my 70-200mm 2.8, an 85mm 1.8, a 60mm macro and my 24-70mm 2.8 lenses.

I also carried neutral density filters and compact flash cards which fit well alongside of lenses. Along with that I strapped a tripod and a magic arm to the outside of the bag as well.”

Along with a full camera kit, Joshua relied on the pack to help keep him hydrated. The design includes an easy-access side pocket with space for a 1-liter reservoir and sip-tube port.

© Joshua Duplechian“One of the most crucial aspects of the bag was the simple ability to carry water. A lot of times I’ll sacrifice the amount of water I carry or lean on someone else to carry my water for an extra lens.

The Flipside 15L AW allowed me to carry the same hydration bladder I typically carry while mountain biking in the Colorado mountains at home”.

Shooting both stills and video was crucial for the success of this project. Joshua often fields questions from staff, chapter members and outdoor sportsmen and sportswomen about the right gear to use in the backcountry. He finds that fly fishing, hunting and photography often go hand in hand.

© Joshua Duplechian

“In the past I’ve often cobbled together different pieces and bags in order to get my tools into the backcountry. Now, it’s all there and finally all I have to think about is getting the set of images or video to tell the story of our public lands.”




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