On the Fly with Flipside Sport AW & the UK Mini Enduro Bike Race

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What’s a perfect platform to test out the light weight, flexibility and accessibility of our Flipside Sport AW series you might ask? Well, you might…

Always in pursuit of active adventures, our multi-skilled UK colleague Tim Sadler and his talented biker/photographer friend Tom Laws donned the Flipside Sport 10L AW and 20L AW (respectively) as they competed in the second round of the Mini Enduro bike race series. Pro photographer Charles Robertson took the great shots we’re sharing here.

&copy: Charles Robertson

For those of you not familiar with this form of mountain bike adventure, let’s describe it as a one-day, live-timed, multi-stage race for riders who like to go fast, ride hard and have fun. The May 12th race took place in the Eastridge Woods of Shropshire. Tim and Tom told us these packs worked really well and “comfortably carried camera gear and inner tubes a plenty”.

&copy: Charles Robertson

The Flipside Sport AW pack is designed with a removable camera insert (so you can use this modular functionality to pack other essentials you might use throughout the day) and a hydration-ready side pocket (so you can always have liquid refreshment right at hand).

&copy: Charles Robertson

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