An Overnighter with the Photo Sport Pro 30L

Photo Sport Pro 30L Front View

I’m lucky enough to live in a part of Northern California where there’s plenty of open space for overnight hiking trips. Until recently, I used a standard issue backpack. But with the release of the Photo Sport Pro 30L, I can now transport my photo and camping gear in the same bag, and be very comfortable while doing so.

30 liters might not seem like a lot of space, but on my last outing I was able to pack:

  • Pentax K-5 DSLR, two zoom lenses and a Canon PowerShot S90
  • Down sleeping bag, inflatable sleeping pad, and tent.
  • JetBoil stove, 2-day supply of water, and meals
  • Down vest, jacket, and extra clothes
  • 10 essentials and emergency gear

Photo Sprot Pro Top View

The bag is designed to accommodate plenty of extra gear in the top compartment. Meanwhile, my cameras are protected in the lower camera box (that’s removable if I need more room for camping gear or want to stow the cameras in a safe place at night). Plus there are straps and buckles for attaching additional items on the outside of the bag. I typically strap my tent or sleeping pad to the bottom of the pack.

The 30 liter storage limit turns out to be a blessing on the trail because my overall weight, including food and water, was only 32 pounds for an overnight trip. And the pack is so comfortable, that I didn’t even remove it while taking breaks on the trail. (I’m usually the first guy to drop his pack.)

And what do I do once I’m on the trail? Here’s a short movie that chronicles my last overnighter with the Photo Sport Pro 30L.

Where will you explore with your Photo Sport?

Derrick Story is the Photography Evangelist for Lowepro.


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