Event Messenger is a Discreet Photo Bag for Summer Vacations

© Tyrone BurkeWe were excited to see Tyrone Burke’s recent blog post on the benefits of carrying a messenger-style camera bag that does not shout to fellow travelers, ‘I have loads of expensive gear right here’.

Tyrone is the editor of equipment reviews for Canadian Geographic and an avid traveler, writer and photographer (he just got back from a walking trip in Wales). He knows firsthand the frustration of having gear stolen.

© Tyrone Burke“I’ve been burned a few times. Camera gear has been lifted from me on no less than three continents, with my own inattentiveness playing into the theft in at least one case. After I was robbed of a DSLR and lens by thugs in Peru, I swore I wouldn’t ever let it happen again.”

He reviewed our Event Messenger 250 and gives it good marks for flexible gear fit, light weight, appealing color – and a discreet profile. Tyrone took his images at Major’s Hill Park in the capital of Ottawa, located in the gorgeous province of Ontario. Read his full story here.

© Tyrone BurkeAre you planning a trip abroad or in your own backyard in the weeks ahead? Let us know what kind of camera kit and bag you’ll carry to keep your gear secure and please share it here or on our Facebook page.

Happy summer travel planning!

Katrina Neill

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