Camera Bags Reinvented for the Pace of the City: Transit Series

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We shot our new Transit AW series in an iconic urban setting: New York City. It’s a pretty amazing setting to test a backpack and sling—both reinvented for the pace of urban life. Along with our colleague Josh and his director of photography Alex di Suvero, we had two photographers work as models.

Daniel Savage, a New York-based photographer, surfer and skater used the Transit Sling 250 AW around town. We particularly like his cool way of swinging around the sling for fast access.

Michael Marantz, also based in New York, works as an independent director, cinematographer and digital artist. He carried the Transit Backpack 350 AW day into night and to the top of world for a nice view of the Empire State Building.

Check out the entire view in our video. Get all the details on the new Transit AW series here.


Katrina Neill

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Katrina was the Senior Editor & Communications Manager for Lowepro.


  • Amber says:

    Just purchased the Transit Sling 250 AW today and love it. Thanks for making such amazing products!

  • They seem like a great and very functional design. Congrats Lowepro, I’ll check them as soon as I see them in store in Singapore!

  • Amazing series, will be very helpful to many street and documentary photographers, I would certainly get the 350 AW, and I hope you consider making something inbetween, like a 300 AW that is a bit smaller than the 350 and can take a MBP 13 inch, and please make it a backpack not a sling!!
    Thanks so much for thinking about us and making those efficient designs.

  • Laurent says:

    When they go on sale? The 350, I’m very interested.

  • Brad says:

    These look fantastic—really excited to see one hands on in my local camera store. Will be even more excited to be able to afford one someday!


    • Brad says:

      Oh! And any chance there will be more in the series? I’d happily take a little bit more space in one of these.

      • Katrina says:

        Hi Brad,

        I will let our product team know that you like the look of our new series and are interested in a bigger size.

        The Transit Backpack 350 AW actually holds quite a bit of gear. The design goal was to create a profile that could carry a decent-sized kit, spare accessories, a laptop and a few personal items — and still offer comfort, a discreet style and the ability to move about quickly and travel with ease.

        I’m writing a blog post on Tuesday that will address how to pack and travel with the larger pack with short interview with one of our colleagues. Please stay tuned for that.

        Also, our bagfinder is a great tool for finding the best solution for your go-to kit. Check it out here:

        We appreciate your response and interest.

        Thank you!

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