New Urban Backpack Fits the Pace of Chicago Photographer Brad Snyder

© Brad Snyder

Our new Transit Backpack 350 AW was designed to fit the pace of the city with its fast access, flexible organization, comfortable harness system and modern profile. And those features suited the needs of attorney and part-time portrait photographer Brad Snyder from Chicago.

Brad was looking for a solution that would fit his camera, lenses, and lighting equipment. He prefers low-key designs for riding the ‘L’ (Chicago’s elevated train). And since he doesn’t use a car in the city, the Transit Backpack 350 AW helps him be more mobile.

© Brad Snyder

“The Transit 350 serves dual roles as both my gear storage and transportation. I’ve tried to keep it modular, for instance by having a smaller bag with camera-flash components that I can quickly pull out if I’m going to shoot some landscapes. I’ve covered a fair number of miles carrying the bag in the last couple weeks, and I’m still impressed by the comfort of the shoulder strap design.”

We really like Brad’s iconic Chicago impressions with the bag (shown here in front of a Picasso sculpture at Daley Plaza).

© Brad Snyder

And check out his gear. We knew the Transit Backpack 350 AW could fit a lot of equipment, but Brad truly knows how to take it to the limit!

© Brad Snyder

“I’m really impressed with its storage capacity and even more impressed with how comfortable it is to wear, even fully loaded. It holds my full portraiture/landscape kit, (light stands excluded):

Nikon D90
Remote camera trigger
Spare battery, charger, and charger cable
SD cards and USB reader
Induro CT014 tripod
Acratech Ultimate Ballhead
Tokina 12-24 f/4
Nikon 35 f/1.8
Nikon 50 f/1.8
Nikon 85 f/1.8
52mm Polarizer
52mm ND filter
Cokin graduated ND filters
Lens filter wrenches
Giottos Rocket Air Blower
LumoPro LP160 flash (x2)
Nikon SB-600 flash
Cactus V5 Radio Triggers (x3) and stands (x3)
Frio flash cold shoe (x3)
AAA and AA batteries
Rogue Flashbender
LumiQuest Softbox II
Stroboframe Pops Collapsible Reflector
Opteka 1/8 Speed Grid

Kindle (for reading on the ‘L’ train as I travel around the city)
There’s even room for my 11″ Macbook Air if I wanted to take it along.”

© Brad Snyder

To see more of Brad’s imagery, please visit his Flickr page.

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  • RJ says:

    I REALLY WANT/NEED this. I have just started doing photography have been looking to buy a really nice bag. I found it!!! Thank You

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