7 Essential Camera Bags for Discerning Photographers

Flipside Sport 15L AW. © Lowepro

A supportive technical, mountain-style pack that fits camera and camping gear…

An award-winning daypack that blends lightweight comfort with a removable camera box for lots of versatility…

A rolling camera bag with smooth-operating, custom wheels that are engineered for super-efficient stability when getting from location to location…

Different conditions, subjects and locations require specialized “tools” to help photographers get the most from their experiences. We’ve identified seven of our most essential designs for photographers who want to optimize their shooting adventures – and always bring back that perfect shot!

Pro Roller x-Series. © Lowepro

Travel Rolling Bag: Pro Roller x100 – a travel-friendly, rolling studio that’s carry-on compatible and helps keeps gear incredibly protected and organized.

Everyday Adventures: Photo Hatchback 22L AW – an everyday pack with body-side access, a removable camera insert, cool colorways and a protective cover – when you need it.

DryZone DF 20L. © Lowepro

Waterproof Reliability: DryZone DF 20L – this duffle has a waterproof rating of IPX6 (protection from splashes to heavy seas) and a wide-access, roll-top design. Includes a removable camera insert.

Backcountry Treks: Rover Pro 35L AW – a technical, mountain-style pack built to let you carry your camera and basic camping gear to the backcountry.

Active Pursuits: Flipside Sport 15L AW – a lightweight photo daypack with a sleek, low-profile shape, body-side access and a removable camera compartment.

Pro Messenger 180 AW. © Lowepro

Weddings & Formal Events: Pro Messenger 180 AW – a soft-sided messenger that fits pro gear, has an old-school canvas look and feel and includes a built-in All Weather AW Cover™.

City Scenarios: Transit Sling 250 AW – our newest urban-style sling has a super-flexible divider system, fast access, understated design and a dedicated tablet compartment.

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