Enter for a Chance to Win a Nova Sport 17L AW!

NovaSport_17L_Left_equip_4CLowepro and Adorama are excited to be at PhotoPlus Expo this year and we’re eager to give one lucky person a great opportunity to win the NEW Nova Sport 17L AW! During the show on Thursday and Friday, let us know why you want this new bag.
  • Tweet @Lowepro and @Adorama Write a few words about why the #NovaSport is the right bag for you. Use those hashtags!
  • Not on Twitter? No problem. Share a photo of your current camera bag and why you need the Nova Sport 17L AW on Instagram. Tag @loweprobags and @Adorama Use hashtags #Lowepro and #NovaSport
  • Want an extra way to be entered to win? Take a selfie in the Lowepro or Adorama booth at the PhotoPlus Expo during tradeshow hours and tag Lowepro and Adorama on Instagram or Twitter
  • Not on Twitter or Instagram? Just add a comment to this blog about how you’d use the bag if you won.
  • We’ll randomly select a winner and announce on Monday, October 28, 2013. The winning comment, tweet, or photo will be posted here and on our Facebook Fan Page.
  • Submissions are open October 24, 2013 ­ to October 25, 2013 only.
Katrina Neill

About Katrina Neill

Katrina was the Senior Editor & Communications Manager for Lowepro.


  • heidi birch says:

    not many bags out their that i would want to use as a female but this one looks perfect!

  • Todd Phillips says:

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Georgie C says:

    I’d like to use the bag for light travel its just a perfect size for carry on’s!

  • Jordan says:

    Just started taking concert photography more seriously. My current camera bag (also a lowepro) only fits one body and one lense. This would definitely help me lug more gear down to shows when needed!

  • Sherry Prior says:

    Would love a Lowepro bag.

  • Kien Nguyen says:

    I have Lowepro Pro Roller x200, 200 AW Backpack, S&F Techincal vest & belt, so this would be a great addition to my collection. My everyday bag is from Crumpler, but it’s not as big as this one.

  • Brent Stewart says:

    It would be perfect for me, since I bike everywhere. Sometimes a backpack is too awkward to use. Thanks!

  • Alan Friedman says:

    My old camera bag is falling apart. I could really use a new Lowepro!!

  • Aaron Pon says:

    The Nova Sport is the perfect camera bag for street photography. It doesn’t carry as much gear as the Transit 350 AW but when you travel to a crowded city like Hong Kong, you will realize that the Transit 350 AW backpack is too big for the country. Most of their shop, food stalls are tightly packed. So a slim and small bag like the Nova Sport fit in the situation just nice. Carrying sling style is a slight disadvantage compare the the Transit 350AW but since it is not meant for a lot of equipment, you carry just the essentials and that makes the bag light. With the sling carrying style, you can carry it behind you and when the need arises, you can just sling it in front, where you have more security and control of the bag like when you are in a crowded subway. The best part, the individual camera compartment, it’s there for your camera equipment but when you don’t need to your camera by your side, the bag can be use as a normal street bag and can carry the essentials like wallet, sunglasses, phone and maybe a light jacket. I think I can use the Nova Sport for light travel as well, pack a few piece of shirt, and some essentials, for those 2 days vacation nearby. Loving this bag’s concept a lot.

  • Rob Penpek says:

    Need something like this for obvious reasons

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