Enter for a Chance to Win a Nova Sport 17L AW!

NovaSport_17L_Left_equip_4CLowepro and Adorama are excited to be at PhotoPlus Expo this year and we’re eager to give one lucky person a great opportunity to win the NEW Nova Sport 17L AW! During the show on Thursday and Friday, let us know why you want this new bag.
  • Tweet @Lowepro and @Adorama Write a few words about why the #NovaSport is the right bag for you. Use those hashtags!
  • Not on Twitter? No problem. Share a photo of your current camera bag and why you need the Nova Sport 17L AW on Instagram. Tag @loweprobags and @Adorama Use hashtags #Lowepro and #NovaSport
  • Want an extra way to be entered to win? Take a selfie in the Lowepro or Adorama booth at the PhotoPlus Expo during tradeshow hours and tag Lowepro and Adorama on Instagram or Twitter
  • Not on Twitter or Instagram? Just add a comment to this blog about how you’d use the bag if you won.
  • We’ll randomly select a winner and announce on Monday, October 28, 2013. The winning comment, tweet, or photo will be posted here and on our Facebook Fan Page.
  • Submissions are open October 24, 2013 ­ to October 25, 2013 only.
Katrina Neill

About Katrina Neill

Katrina was the Senior Editor & Communications Manager for Lowepro.


  • Markus Hoelscher says:

    I would use it for my new 70D … I love the look !

  • Aaron Iceman says:

    This is the bag I am looking for all this while, apart from the Transit 350AW. While the Transit 350AW is good for street photography it is sometimes too bulky. As I was travelling over Hong Kong, it becomes inconvenient as streets are crowded. The Nova Sport AW is the perfect bag for such places. Small and slim but still can the essentials gear, can be carried behind your back or the front when needed. I can carry it into almost any crowded places/restaurant, which are usually tightly packed. And the best part, a removal camera compartment. It can be my day bag for those days that I don’t need a camera with me but still needs a bag that can carry small items like sunglasses, a maps and water bottle. Loving this bag!

  • E.A. DeYoung says:

    I’m a senior citizen and my husband lost his sight 6 months ago. I would use the Nova Sport 17L AW to haul my cameras, while using the other hand to assist my husband, since he can no longer see where he’s going. I believe it would be much more convenient than the soft “tackle box” that I’ve been using.

  • EduardoS says:

    Would love to take that bag with my camera and tablet on it every week, looks very well build.

  • Sandy Hansen says:

    I really need a new camera bag! My backpack is a pain to use

  • Joe says:

    I mistakenly bought a similar size and priced Crumpler a few years ago. After using it a while, I realized, it sucks! The other camera “bag” I have is a Lowepro backpack. Lowepro is just way better than Crumpler! But the small backpack does not hold as much stuff.
    The Nova Sport 17L AW would be a great replacement for this other poorly designed bag. I’d use the Nova Sport 17L AW as my main bag for lenses and my SLR/ILC.

  • I’ve got a TLZ with attached lens case, and it’s just not quite big enough (not to mention slightly awkward) for carrying a small-ish assortment of lenses. I’d really like something about this size to be able to carry a useful assortment of “stuff”. I’m a big fan of the AW cover on my TLZ, so that’s a plus, too.

  • oscar says:

    this bag looks way better than my current backpack and holds just as much! I think this is fantastic and the fact that it has an all weather cover, seals the deal.

  • I have no lowepro beg please give me.

  • Peter Moy says:

    As a New York City resident, this looks to be the perfect bag to take for local excursions without attracting took much attention. Looking forward to checking it out at PhotoPlus Expo!


  • Robert Lea says:

    As a low budget “semi-pro” photographer I can tell you that the nova Sport 17L would go EVERYWHERE with me! I did a lot of outdoor shooting this past summer and I am very much in need of new protection for my equipment. Would love to do a review for this product and I really like the “pepper red” color!

  • Mark Minor says:

    When I go to wet marshy areas photographing birds , I don’t want to put my backpack down on the wet ground. This bag would solve this problem.

  • Dana Scott says:

    Oh my! This bag is beautiful! I have been Lowepro shopping for a new bag, I have actually started to wear mine out! Lowepro is the best brand out there for the versatile need of photographers!!

  • heidi birch says:

    i would use this so much love the look and design much nicer that a backpack… girls can’t really pull it off as well lol.

  • Sean Setters says:

    I would use the Nova Sport 17L AW for urban walks. Sometimes a backpack just isn’t as convenient on the subway or L-trains but the Nova Sport looks like a great alternative.

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