Guest blog with Amber Redfield: Where my Passport Sling III took me?

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Editor’s note:
We are excited by the wonderful imagery and passionate style of photographer and screenwriter Amber Redfield. She is a true Lowepro aficionada and shared her fun and very rich “day-in-the-life” post featuring the Passport Sling III. Check it out and get inspired to do your own day tripping — with camera — soon!

I’m always on the hunt for that perfect camera bag; something subtle, something that will hold my gear and personal items – and most importantly – a bag that will keep my items safe.

Before the Passport Sling III came to me, I already owned two other Lowepro bags: the DSLR Fastpack 250 AW and the Transit Sling 250 AW. These two bags have kept my gear safe through severe storms, countless flights, road trips, hiking, travel, falls off tables… you name it. I knew I needed to add a new bag to my arsenal; one that would blend in to those crowded city environments, and especially for places where I wanted to keep my bag against my side instead of on my back.

This is where my journey with the Passport Sling III began.

My day with the new sling started out just like any other; a cappuccino stop, train to Philly, trip to the museum, a lot of walking around Centre City, and of course a visit to Reading Terminal Market.

What’s In My Passport Sling III:

•    Canon EOS 7D
•    Canon EF 50mm f/1.4
•    Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 + hood
•    Business cards
•    iPhone 4 (with case)
•    Extra DSLR battery
•    Three CF cards
•    Olloclip
•    iPad 2 (without case)
•    iPad/iPhone charger
•    Headphones (over-the-ear)
•    Two water bottles
•    Wallet
•    Keys
•    Museum guides/pamphlets
•    EOS lip balm
•    Nollie plaid long sleeve shirt
•    Bullhead Demin Co vest

© Amber Redfield

After the train, a few more coffee stops, and some meandering around Centre City, I made my way to Logan Square. The wind was blowing, and the Sling III took its first hit of spraying water from Swann Fountain. Lowepro’s bags repel water quite well even when you don’t have the All Weather AW Cover in place. The Sling III does not come with the weatherproof cover like my other two bags, but I had no leaks or issues as I stood taking photos of the fountain.

© Amber Redfield

The Academy of Natural Sciences is just across the street from Swann Fountain. There had to be at least five or six elementary schools there when I arrived; kids screaming, running, splitting up from their groups, and teachers calling for their students to stay together. I walked around the exhibits with ease, not worrying if my bag would hit anything or anyone. I wore my Sling III like a purse for part of the day, having it right at my side with quick access to switching lenses or grabbing my Olloclip and other items.

I made my way into the diorama displays, and I squeezed by with my Sling III at my side. Removing it from your shoulder is simple and quick, and the adjustable strap design that Lowepro has on this Sling III is amazing! This is definitely one of my favourite features of this bag; I’ve never had such an effortless time adjusting a bag’s straps before.

© Amber Redfield

After the museum, I made my way back to Centre City to get a feel of how the Sling III works as a general day bag. It’s incredibly light, form fitting, and flexible. I had no issue placing two water bottles in the large end pocket, as well as my iPhone and museum pamphlets in the side pockets. Even with the Sling III completely stuffed with gear, the outside pockets remain loose.

© Amber Redfield

If you have ever been to Reading Terminal Market around 12-2pm, you know that it becomes very claustrophobic. Long lines wrap around Dinic’s, the seating area is overflowing with guests, the buzz of hundreds talking on their cell phones, tourists snapping photos in the middle of the walkway… the “Lunch Rush” lives up to its name at Reading Terminal.

© Amber Redfield

I immediately went to one of my favourite places in RTM to grab lunch: Meltkraft by Valley Shepherd Creamery. Finding seating was difficult. Every empty spot was a dead end as others threw their hands out and said, “This whole spot is reserved for our family.” With big backpacks in Reading, it can be difficult to find where you will place them when you sit down to eat. After using the Passport Sling III in this situation, it is definitely my go-to for these situations. Having it worn as a purse or slung over your shoulder is really comforting when squeezing through the aisles, or sitting down for lunch in packed areas. It doesn’t take up much space, and I feel I have better control over its safety.

Once lunch was finished, I met up with my friend Yosefa for a drink at Starbucks. We chatted as we charged our phones and had our teas and Frapps. The overall size of this bag is ideal for city life or as a day bag. We then decided to go to LOVE Park, where I had her try out the bag to get her opinion on my newest piece of gear.

© Amber Redfield

© Amber Redfield

© Amber Redfield

© Amber Redfield

© Amber Redfield

What I love about the Passport Sling III:

•    This bag is incredibly versatile and discreet. One great feature is the fact you can take out all of the camera compartment separators to make this a full-fledged day bag. I’ve already replaced my old non-camera bags with this sling.
•    The bag and compartment separators are collapsible, so it can be packed into a suitcase nice and flat if you wish to bring it with you on a trip.
•    The 30% extra space is really surprising once you realise how much you can truly stuff in that section.
•    The Canon 7D is quite a large camera for the Sling III, and I was very pleased to see I had no issues placing this body and two EF lenses in the bag.
•    I wasn’t able to fit my iPad 2 with its beat-up bulky leather cover into the Sling III, but it will fit with my Smart Cover from Apple on the iPad.
•    Outer pockets stay roomy even when the sling is full.
•    The CradleFit System keeps my iPad from hitting the ground when the bag is placed on a hard surface (like that of Suburban Station).
•    The shoulder pad is very comfortable (and also removable if you wish), and the adjustable strap system is exactly what I want all my bags to have now! So quick and easy to use when you’re on the go.
•    The Sling III has an interior mesh pocket and key holder for small items like my business cards, CF cards, keys, etc.
•    Perfect for crowded environments, commuters, or laid back day adventures.
•    Comfort wise, this bag wins hands down. Walking around Philly for the day was effortless, the bag is easily accessible for the wearer, adjustable, and overall an amazing piece of gear that I feel everyone should have in their collection.

There were some moments where I was running to catch the train, and I had completely forgotten I was wearing the Sling III. Sometimes bags will slow you down, but not this one.

Being in Reading Terminal was a great example as to why the Sling III is a wonderful choice for crowded and busy environments. The bag meshes right into any situation you put it in, with great durability and quality from Lowepro’s team that I’ve come to admire since I picked up my very first bag last year.

I have so many plans for where my Passport Sling III will take me next. Other cities, museums, zoos, aquariums, state parks, countries… the list goes on and on. With the collapsible design that the Passport Sling III has, I know it will come on every one of my trips from now on.

If you would like to read more about my day out in Philadelphia with my new Passport Sling III, head over to my website for an extended post with bonus photos.

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