Ryan Schembri is one of Australiaʼs leading, master wedding photographers. He received the 2012 AIPP Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year honor, and is a three-time winner of the NSWAIPP Wedding Photographer of the Year. Ryan was Australiaʼs youngest-ever master of photography with AIPP at the age of 20.


Ryan Schembri  has been around the photography industry his whole life. Growing up in a photo-centric family has allowed him to be involved in all facets of photography, from printing at his father’s laboratory at the age of 12, to taking over the family wedding & portrait studio just 10 years ago.

While Ryanʼs core work is in the wedding market, he also takes part in a variety photography and education projects and events. Currently, Ryan shoots 60+ weddings a year in Australia & overseas, and the balance of his time is spent developing a shooting style and educational programs.

Ryan continually inspires and educates clients on the importance of hiring a professional wedding photographer.

Ryan’s bag of choice is a Pro Roller x100 AW.

Here is a list of all the gear Ryan takes on a shoot:

2x Canon 1DX
Canon 70-200mm
Canon 85mm
Canon 16-35mm
Canon 100mm
2x Canon 600EX
Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Sekonic L-758DR – Light Meter

Go check out more of Ryan’s amazing work at ryanschembri.com or follow his Instagram feed at  @RyanSchembri Welcome to the family, Ryan!


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